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Absent Without Official Leave: military slang for leaving or being absent without having permission. Also Aaron Bruno's nickname. He's the leadsinger of AWOLNATION. See the connection?
Where is Nappa?
He's AWOL again.
Goddammit, Nappa.
by ThatoneguyfromSweden January 11, 2014
1 0
absent without leave. When a person leaves without notifying anyone.
Before Andrea was due to fight she went a wol.
by booty hole August 27, 2005
11 16
Always on lunch, the person who always takes lunch breaks, when everybody is running around the office looking for him. When the person is at lunch break during an important or overdue task.
Larry is AWOL. How are we ever gonna finish these reports by closing time today?
by Coltan A. Starniat May 03, 2011
32 48
someone who loses complete composure of him or her; going crazy. mentally insane
did you see sam's house? he went completely awol
by Six Seven April 25, 2008
241 282
A Work Of Love
Mary stepped out a long time a ago, guess she's gone on A Work Of Love (AWOL).
by seanscomments September 25, 2009
19 68
a Slang Word Derived for the Us Term "absent with out leave" (or something like that) used to state that some object has gone wrong.

also used because of its sound, because of it sounding like someone having a temporary error in their speech.
the chair when AWOL.

My microwave when AWOL
by The Real Lord Mervren Barron January 15, 2009
8 60
The hardest nigga out of the Nationwide Rip Ridaz. He was killed by the police in Oceanside, CA on July 4th, 1997. They beat and choked him to death.
I wanna kill a slob, its the 5th of the month/ Blue rag on my head, on the sight, on the front-AWOL, Every Dog Has His Day
by Big T-Loc August 30, 2008
56 114