there is no such word as awkward just see example for true definition
its not awkward , what is that word?, ive never heard it before its just another rob and britt moment ;)
by xobritt720xo October 17, 2010
A person that is or was homeschooled.
persong 1: "why can't jerry get a girlfriend?"
person 2: "he is an awkward"
person 1: "ohh, that makes sense."
by littleleahh March 18, 2010
1. used to describe a situtation in which two people of the opposite sex are said to be an "item," when they are actually just really flirtatious. the ex-boyfriend of the girl and the boy's best friend should be standing directly behind them
2. borderline illegal
Person 1: Something really awkward happened this morning.
Person 2: Oh man, I wasn't there.
Person 1: Oh it was good!
Person 2: Did you videotape it?
Person 1: Ahh, I should have. Yeah, that definitely wouldn't have been awkward, weird, or stalkerish at all.
by Lara Meann December 09, 2006
Awkward- well "akward" is when you walk past someone you talk to ALL the time and dont say anything. Another example.
Girl- "Yea i like this guy named....jeremy..
Girl2-"Omg i know him! Brown hair, kinda longish?
Girl- Yea, yea, thats him i think!
Girl2- Yea hes super hot. Really tan, tall?, not really

Hahaha. your gonna get AIDS! mom has AIDS....
by Viidgaictidgaoridgaitidgaa July 31, 2009
an uncomfertable or strainge moment in a scocal situation resulting from the meating of sketch and prude. the balence between the two contrasting partys creates the awkard fealing. in any awkard situation you should be able to identify the sketch and the prude.
when the forigin extange student walkied in on the two girls changing and just stood there, it was such an awkward situation. he was the sketch for being there and not leaving, and they were the prudes because they were uncomfterable about being naked.
by jeszett May 29, 2006
an assortment of fruit and or vegetables often garnished
"can i have a fruit awkward please sir"
by Seaweed April 10, 2003
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