to have difficulty in certain situations, usually around people.
Jasmine was awkward today meeting her mate's family.
by cheekymonkie February 16, 2012
the most overused word of 2011
Girl 1: "that was awkward..."
Girl 2: "omg i know, that awkward moment when it was really awkward!"
by hahahah2012 December 10, 2011
The feeling you get when you see a one-night-stand a few days later, in a very public place.
dude.. i totally saw that guy this morning on the way to class that i hooked up with at that party. it was sooo awkward. .
by babbyyyB April 15, 2009
ˈɔ kwəd/Submit
causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.
"some awkward questions"
synonyms: difficult, tricky; More
causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience.
"he had put her in a very awkward position"
synonyms: embarrassing, uncomfortable, unpleasant, delicate, ticklish, tricky, sensitive, problematic, problematical, troublesome, perplexing, thorny, vexatious; More
ive kissed many of girls in my time - jamie ***** this is an example of an awkward person
by an awkward person May 20, 2016
1. Used in any type of silence, that spans short or long.

2. Used to end a conversation

3. Something you scream in the middle of the public spontaneously.
Jim: Hey, Mitch. How's it going?
Mitch: Fine, thanks. How about you?
Jim: Great! I'll see you around, Mitch!

by Youttttt November 29, 2011
When someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortbale.
When someone says something that makes you laugh for reasons unkown.
Awkward example 1 & 2
Guy 1: dude i have pubes growing out of my foreskin
Guy 2: .....
by stormfrost December 03, 2009
When people do really weird things that make you think twice about being friends with them.
by Awkward Stories May 01, 2009
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