Standing in an elevator alone with a naked old man, impatiently waiting to get to your floor which, of course, has to be at the top floor. Suddenly seconds extend to minutes, minutes to hours.
*Long, awkward silence*

Naked old man: *cough cough HHACCKK!!*

You: ....
by bubbleygarl March 23, 2011
Embarrassing and requiring great tact or skill to resolve.

When you are in a car with your group of blackout friends, being taken home by a really hot guy, when one of your friends starts yelling that he should make-out and finger you.
Sara: Hey Ricky, Meghan is hot! Make-out and finger her! Make-out and finger her!!!

Meghan: My life is Awkward...

by SB-Bawsses February 13, 2011
when you wake up the next morning to find you slept with your girlfriends mom.
stacy's mom: oh..... hehe.... oops....
jipthony: ......awkward.....
by shike bascoshio November 04, 2008
when someone asks if you and your best friend of the oppisite sex are going out
*best friends standing together*
Random girl: hey are you two going out??
Girl: NO!
Guy: ummmm...

Girl: (to other friends) well that was awkward.
by yours101 October 29, 2007
1) slightly off kilter or odd
2) the result of intoxication
3) The Language of the under-water or "AQU-WORD"
1) that dude is awkward
2) he was awkward after 42 shots of jager
3) i wonder if that fish speaks aqu-word
by I'm just half a man August 02, 2006
1. to feel as though your brain with explode from the silence*

*this silence is not a warm silence. no. the silence is filled with unspoken words and tension.
any middle school relationship.

the family just stared in awkward silence at the tv after the raunchy sex scene came on.

nate and taylor sat in awkward silence after he said he loved her.
by TripleHH January 10, 2014
Uncomfortable or embarrassing. Scientific evidence has proven that the birth of the word "awkward" comes directly from the invention of the game Truth or Dare.
Poor little Johnny didn't even know what awkward was until he played Truth or Dare and had to tell everyone who he liked.
by PatriciaPancake September 01, 2012
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