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When you and a significant other walks into your room and someone is laying naked on your bed.
Ex 1:
Female: This is so awkward.... He's just a jealous ex.

Ex 2:
Male: She must be looking for my brother.
Female: I thought you were an only child?
Male: Awkward..
by Foxx870 March 29, 2011
when you wake up the next morning to find you slept with your girlfriends mom.
stacy's mom: oh..... hehe.... oops....
jipthony: ......awkward.....
by shike bascoshio November 04, 2008
when someone asks if you and your best friend of the oppisite sex are going out
*best friends standing together*
Random girl: hey are you two going out??
Girl: NO!
Guy: ummmm...

Girl: (to other friends) well that was awkward.
by yours101 October 29, 2007
1) slightly off kilter or odd
2) the result of intoxication
3) The Language of the under-water or "AQU-WORD"
1) that dude is awkward
2) he was awkward after 42 shots of jager
3) i wonder if that fish speaks aqu-word
by I'm just half a man August 02, 2006
the state of being totally incapacitated by an action that has just occured leaving the person in an uncomfortable way
"If you can read this than you are the reason why i'm uncomfortable"-sweatshirt

"al's so awkward"-dan

by hollie bo bollie December 13, 2004
You don't know the meaning until you've met this man... :-{o
Pre-calc is an awkward class. I heard the teacher is awkwardly lovable. #bible
by Jeph Russl May 21, 2014
when your friend posts the same comment on facebook as you with out eachother knowing....
Person : "you guys rock!"
Friend A : "YOU ROCK!"
Friend B: "YOU ROCK!"
Friend A: "awkward...."
by Kennedy Hollingsworth November 05, 2011