Something wierd that makes you ponder why you really exist.
Strange occurances.
Steve: How's it hangin?
Brad: A little to the left...
Steve: ?....awkward....?
by Ima Weiner April 24, 2009
1.) causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with
2.) causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience
3.) not smooth or graceful; ungainly

An EXTREMELY over-used word, used mainly by immature kids in their early teenage years, to define an ironic or embarrassing moment. Very few of these kids actually know the meaning of the word, and use it so quantitatively for any circumstance that in their minds, everything is 'awkward'. Some like to add their own spunk to the word, resulting in disasters such as 'awk sauce' and even 'awklate milk'.
"That awkward moment when your friends tell your crush how much you talk about him."

"Thats a nice glass of awklate milk, bro."
"Yeah buddy."

"So today I texted my friend, and they didn't text back."
"Woah dude, that's so awk..."
"I know."
by IHateYourChildrenXx November 20, 2011
Meeting someone in person, who upon shaking hands, you realized you rejected on an online dating site.
um... well... this is awkward. I totally rejected him on okcupid
by YankeeSkank July 28, 2011
when you ask your best friend who their best friend is and they say someone else
going on anon - on tumblr - and asking your besto who their best friend is, and they say the person who they are always fighting with. cue awkward moment.
by fgtuftyfhkvkjbh July 10, 2011
the way awkward should be spelled.
-how do you spell "awk...ward"?

-Exactly like that.
by pantstore August 08, 2013
An insanely overused phrase to describe situtations and conversations that usually aren't awkward at all.
"I just dropped my pencil. Awkward."

"I can't get a cell phone signal. This is awkward."

"I'm sorry, I'm so awkward that awkward awkward when awkward."
by Joynas November 06, 2011
when sketch meets prude...

that just equals a whole shit load of awkward-ness.
Me: DUDE where the herb?!
straightedge people: uhhhh what?! you smoke?! thats BAD FOR YOU.
Me: Oh shit... *AWKWARD*
by smokethattumbleweed November 03, 2006

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