Interjection used in a situation that is slightly uncomfortable, often accompanied by a virety of gestures: 1. Pulling the collar with one finger (this represents the sweat collecting under the collar from the AWKWARD situation) 2. Arms form a triangle over the head (such as the A in YMCA) 3. One finger pointing at the back of the other hands wrist 4. Pointing at the back of the neck
John: I was snowboarding the other day and I hit this killer jump. When I landed I ripped my pants and my two inch dick was covered in snow!!!

Everyone else: ...Awkward...
by Emerson March 01, 2005
A comment made by a third party in response to someone saying something inappropriate or embarrasing themselves in some way, thus causing an awkward silence for several seconds.

Saying "awkard" is often a remark deliberately aimed at stating the obvious to make the situation just that little bit more cringe-worthy.

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John: Hey, dumbass can't you read the sign? No dogs allowed!
Paul: er...(awkard silence) sorry sir he's new here.
John: what?
Paul: (whispering) dude the guy is blind and that's his guide dog!
John: oh.
3rd Party: awkward
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
A situation which is of a significant amount of discomfort, and a subject of hilarity and confusion for those not involved.
1. Katrina, if someone walks in while I am blowdrying your shorts while you are still wearing them, we may face an awkward situ....Nevermind, Too late.
by ihatethesethings November 01, 2010
When something weird or embarrassing happens, and there's that silence after it. No one really knows what to say, or choose not to say anything. Just back slowly away..
When you're making out with someone and then you realize your zipper is down. You zip it up slowly...But he notices *awkward*

When you walk in on your parents doing "family planning"
by donottouchthat February 04, 2013
Adjective; may be shortened to awk and said in quick succession to end a bad situation and to let the parties involved know you don't want to be there

1 - used to describe situations in which a person or persons are aloof, confused, or have been caused discomfort.

2 - most commonly used to describe events/persons that cause a general malaise of uncomfortableness.
1 - When all the guys realized they had made out with the same girl that night it became real awkward. It was pretty awkward when she mentioned she had slept with her boyfriend's best friend.

2 - I hate that kid he is so awkward whenever he is around people, it is like he was raised by mentally challenged cave people. I am so awkward around her because I can never tell if she knows I slept with her best friend.
by Ryan D Scott February 15, 2008
the way awkward should be spelled.
-how do you spell "awk...ward"?

-Exactly like that.
by pantstore August 08, 2013
a situation or place that makes someone look or feel out of place
It would be awkward to invite your ex-wife to your wedding.
by Gerard Irick July 16, 2009

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