1. used to describe a situtation in which two people of the opposite sex are said to be an "item," when they are actually just really flirtatious. the ex-boyfriend of the girl and the boy's best friend should be standing directly behind them
2. borderline illegal
Person 1: Something really awkward happened this morning.
Person 2: Oh man, I wasn't there.
Person 1: Oh it was good!
Person 2: Did you videotape it?
Person 1: Ahh, I should have. Yeah, that definitely wouldn't have been awkward, weird, or stalkerish at all.
by Lara Meann December 09, 2006
Sarah Van Nesssssssss
Hey your a sarah!!!
Oooh ur so awkward...penguin
by the best person ever333336 November 27, 2011
Awkward Kid, Rachel Diaz, 909er
GUY: Whose that Girl??
GUY 2: That's Awkward, aka Rachel.
GUY: Ohhh.
by blabloo February 13, 2011
1. A situation in which no one feels comfortable or relaxed, sometimes excluding the person who made said situation unbearable.

2. The person who makes that situation awkward, they are normally naturally strange and make most people feel uncomfortable on a daily basis, but they don't seem to grasp that themselves.
Way to make the situation awkward Andy.
by Awk.. November 03, 2010
When something weird happens and it makes the situation weird. You could justs say it for a filler, if there is nothing else to say. Also it is primarily used by people. Named Shanis
You get super drunk at a party. And you don't remember anything. Next morning you wake up and find out a lot happened that you missed, some good, some bad. That's awkward

John: hey what's up?
Shanis: not much just fapping you?
John: nothing
Shanis: well that's awkward...
by Luc.hart November 22, 2011
Jennifer. She's so normal.
Really? You feel awkward?
by SEANIEGDUDE April 12, 2011
A new hipster fad. Apparently inflating your cheeks with air and bugging your eyes out in a picture is cute and "awkward". Also positioning your hands to look like they are clutching your face while your knuckles are bent is another cool "awkward" pose hipsters love.
by juicalicious April 11, 2011
there is no such word as awkward just see example for true definition
its not awkward , what is that word?, ive never heard it before its just another rob and britt moment ;)
by xobritt720xo October 17, 2010

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