1. used to describe a situtation in which two people of the opposite sex are said to be an "item," when they are actually just really flirtatious. the ex-boyfriend of the girl and the boy's best friend should be standing directly behind them
2. borderline illegal
Person 1: Something really awkward happened this morning.
Person 2: Oh man, I wasn't there.
Person 1: Oh it was good!
Person 2: Did you videotape it?
Person 1: Ahh, I should have. Yeah, that definitely wouldn't have been awkward, weird, or stalkerish at all.
by Lara Meann December 09, 2006
State Of Mind
You: ...Awkward...
by fairyprincess33 January 15, 2009
A person who just outright makes any situation uncomfortable just by being there.
Way to make the situation awkward Andy.
by AwkwardAndy November 03, 2010
People who are turned on by everybody, and they have so much tension that one day they will make out with everyone.
The seven year old is very awkward towards the other guy.
by the punja twins October 24, 2005
Nicole Marie Wall. You are the very definition or awkward itself. Conratulations.
There is no need for an awkward example.
by tonyhawksbestfriend October 05, 2010
Greatest rock band in the World. Featuring some damn cool guys.
User32: I saw Awkward last night!
user432: STFU
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005
in your 5-31-05 daily word "emergency dance party" you spelled the definition wrong! Awkward is correct...you spelled it akward
An awkward moment occurs when you spell something wrong in a dictionary!
by Helene Patterson June 01, 2005
someting unuaslly came to occurence
in a question- did kelly do nething awkward today?
in a sentence- kelly was doing very awkward things today.
by Ryan Kraemer September 05, 2005

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