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leve 5 in the "Levels of Awkward". awkward starfish refers to an awkward experience where it takes a minute for the awkwardness to sink in...then all of a sudden, it smacks you RIGHT in the face.
person 1: where do your parents live?
person 2: across from the Chinese Restaurant on 190
(person 1 then realizes that across from the Chinese Restaurant on a cemetery)
person 2, at the look on their face, laughs.

THAT is awkward starfish.
by SMM Youth Group June 08, 2007
1) A situation where it does not hit you right away. Once it is realized, the person then angrily (or amusingly) smacks the other person in the face with their palm, hence an awkward starfish.

2) An excuse to jokingly slap the other person
Person A: Firing a rifle hurts my finger..
Person B: LOL
Person A: ............
by evilgoo May 28, 2009
A situation where you squeeze another person's thigh (five fingers = starfish), usually under a table.
You're awkward starfishing the wrong girl, asshole.
by weirdancingirl December 26, 2009

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