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Like the awkward turtle, the awkward pirate is a hand gesture used when an awkward situation arises. A single hand is used to cover one eye, and the free thumb is spun in a clockwise manner.
"So that wasn't really me last night, that was my dad. And he's dead... Now."


*Other person covers eye and twirls thumb appropriately, making an awkward pirate*
by awkward pirate August 22, 2006
The awkward gesture used when your in a group of people talking about an outside party and the person being talked about comes into the conversation OR hears you talking about them.

Raise one hand over your eye and the other into a hook shape with your finger.
"DUDE, Jessica is such a slut! She tried to.."
::jessica walks in::..
::awkward pirate::
by smokethaherb September 01, 2009
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