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When a family is watching a supposedly clean film, and a sexual, usually very lewd joke/act is made, and both parents and children refuse to laugh in order to not be embarrassed.
"OH jonny, come on me!"

*awkward silence*

"Well, that was an awkward film sex moment!"

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When watching a movie with family members and an unexpected sex scene comes on and no one will make a sound.

Also when two friends who had a one night stand together but refused to talk about it because it was weird watch a movie and a sex scene comes on.
When a family is having a great laugh and a sex scene come one and suddenly the room is silent and you can hear everyone gulping nervously and hear their sweat dripping.

Mom: "Oh my what an awkward film sex moment!"


When two friends who have a sexual history are watching a movie together for fun and a sex scene comes on, and the room suddenly gets hotter and weirder.

Mary: "Awkward..."

Timmy: "Can we do that again?"

Mary: "........"
by pooponmeeee December 08, 2009