Whilst a unknowing friend is asleep, you bat them in the face with a tennis racket. Immediately afterwards, you pour maple syrup all over their face, making the appearance of a swollen waffle.
We sneaked in last night and gave John an awful waffle he won't forget.
by slicrider August 03, 2008
An "Awful Waffle" is one of two things.
1. When someone gets there pances pulled down and a tennis racquet is smacked hard against there ass, leaving a mark, and syrup is poured over it.
2. A local ska band from Southern New Jersey, also known as A-Dub.
1. This dude is getting an Awful Waffle
2. Did you see the Awful Waffle show last night?
by Kyle Groom August 21, 2006
A game where a bunch of guys stand around a waffle and jerk off on it.

The last one to ejaculate his goodness has to consume the awful waffle.
Dude, lets play awful waffle!!!
by Richard Love May 08, 2006
When someone puts a tennis racquet over your face and takes a raging dump through the racquet onto their face.
Dude I totally gave your mom an Awful Waffle lastnight
by Dick Tucker May 24, 2004

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