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None of the below definitions have it right.

The procedure for administering an awful waffle is as follows:

1. Pin somebody to the top of a table.
2. Pull their shirt up.
3. Firmly press a tennis racket into their stomach.
4. Pour syrup on their stomach.

Notice that:
- It does NOT involve a person's face.
- It does NOT involve their ass.
- It DOES involve a tennis racket.

Side note: this term was popularized by the television show Salute Your Shorts.
Awful waffle! Awful waffle! Awful waffle!
by the letter d December 09, 2007
When someone is placed onto a table without a shirt at camp and syrup is poured all over the person's body.
Awful waffle! Awful Waffle! Awful Waffle!
by Jeff ha ha August 09, 2003
The Awful Waffle is the residential building at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. Named for its ugly architecture and overwhelming height.
Person 1: Wow, look at the gorgeous view of the Manhattan sky line!
Person 2: It would be even more beautiful if the Awful Waffle didn't stick out like acne on a preteen.
by joebiden.png June 22, 2016
A hilarious prank popularized by the jokesters at Camp Anawana. First you must find syrup. Second you must find an unwilling participant. Remove the shirt of the individual you’ve found then place a tennis racquet across their belly. Take the syrup and pour it out on the racquet while pressing the racquet hard against the belly. Note: DO NOT FORGE TO CHANT: AWFUL WAFFLE. It’s humiliating and will bring hours of entertainment to your camp experience.
“Donkey Lips really took that Awful Waffle well. I think the raping from Ug and Sponge was icing on the cake though.”
by Haul Pefner September 18, 2008
None of the below definitions have it right.

The procedure for administering an awful waffle is as follows:

1. Pin somebody to the top of a table.
2. Pull their shirt up.
3. Strike with tennis racket hard enough to leave "waffle" print on stomach*.
4. Pour syrup on their stomach*.

Notice that:
- It does not involve a tennis racket being firmly pressed anywhere.

*Other body parts where you can leave a waffle print, such as the face and ass, are also acceptable Awful Waffles, but the stomach is the traditional spot.
if you sit on Thud Mackey's brownies, an Awful Waffle will be the least of your worries.
by DoubleBastard March 02, 2009
a girl has her pants pulled down and they hold a tennis racked hard against her butt, then they take a hairbrush up and down the racket.

It was easy to over do. Sometimes they would chant awful waffle. This was a crude variation of the salute your shorts version. They generally stopped when the girl cried a lot or someone felt bad for her.
The worst I've ever heard was a girl was caught takin another girls mp3 player. The camp made her pick up garbage with her hands all day and she even missed lunch.

When she was being punished the other girl had taken syrup and butter from commissary.

They grabbed her at the far end of camp tackled her lifted her tennis skirt and pulled her briefs down, She got the worst Awful Waffle evr, It was sooo bad, her skin was raw!

After it was over the girls stuck a half frozen stick of butter up her butt, poured the syrup on her ass, pulled her briefs up and poured some syrup in her cooch & in her hair!

Her hands were tied in-front of her with tennis racket tape, gave her a little wedgie & sent her on her way. It was really hot that day, and the walk back wasn't short.

The syrup had been done before but it was the first time I heard of a stick of butter being shoved up another girls butt.
by xoTeenidol216xo May 28, 2010
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