1. The best way to spell awesome.
2. The Spanish version of the word awesome, according to Johnathan.
1. Friend: I just got new shoes!
Me: Awesome!

2. Me: Awesomeo.
Johnathan: We're in America. Speak English.
#cool beans #sweet #wicked #super #neat-o
by Lola Hearts April 27, 2008
Top Definition
Refers to an episode of South Park where Cartman dresses up in cardboard to become AWESOME-O, Butters' new robot friend from Japan. Of course, Cartman is only doing this so that he can learn some of Butters' dirty secrets.

The inspiration for the name comes from Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot.
"You can tell AWESOME-O all your secrets." - Cartman
by Jonathan Fingas May 17, 2004
Use as you would weirdo;someone who is weird becomes a weirdo. Someone who is awesome becomes an awesomeo. Also works for most other adjectives.
Jared is rad, he's such an awesomeo.
#weird #awesome #weirdo #adjective #adjectard
by Angelini May 03, 2008
cool, or outrageous, but with an "O" at the end
dude that was awesomeo.
#awsomeo #cool #outrageous #wild #extreme
by bryanRT May 12, 2006
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