1. An term of exclamation, generally used when something totally cool happens (e.g. a kid accidentally lights himself on fire, an old lady falls down, or a drunk guy gets knoked out cold)
2. archaic What pilgrims would say after sex

see also Right on Saigon
You: "That pilgrim just got punched in the gut by an old lady!"

Me: "Awesome possum!"
by Abe Licoln September 18, 2003
Shianne Douillard. As till recently, an unclassifies species of country vermin. Will brighten your day, smile your way, make you laugh till you cry, and sing your favorites songs to the sky....
Man, I could really use some of that awesomepossum presence right now!
by thatonecrazychicyaknow February 25, 2014
(N) noun:
Derived from France and Germany.
From the Summer of 2010, two mischievous young ladies... Having the time of their lives, have a camera battel, one says she's super cool and the other says she's awesome. The other, in an effort to win the popularity contest blurts out a word so ingenious creating a rhyming apocalyptic eventual phenomena. I'm Awesome Possum!!!
Funnier than Awesome Blossum and more sophisticated than Awesome Fossum.
Please note: this word does not in any way literally visualize an awesome 'possum'.
Possums are hideous and therefore are not awesome.
Anna: Omg Julie! You're so freakin awesome possum!
Julie: Bahhumbug pish posh! Dont be silly I am NO possum!
Anna: Fail Julie, I meant it in a good way.
Julie: Oh fantastic! Let's celebrate over a cup of tea!
Anna: You're only my friend because you have an awesome possum British accent.
Julie: Your brain is equivalent to that of a possum.
Anna: An Awesome Possum-possum brain! (pun-intended).
by The_Alien_Next_Door October 20, 2012
Hannah Griffith and Sam Garrity
Person: Hannah and Sam are awesome!
Person #2: Hell ya! They're awesome possums!
by Ain'tnunyabusiness k April 22, 2013
when someone bubbly and wants to say awesome
Thats so Awesome possum like!!!
by penap May 05, 2011
combination of the word "awesome" and "possum"!
text message: "hey, my wedding date is on june 26th, mark your calendar"
reply: "awesome possum"
by uptherabbithole May 16, 2009
an emphasis of "golly gee" or to put specific attention to a certain event and or thing
"i dyed my hair purple!"
by the penguin hunter October 09, 2006

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