Something that is awesome or a state of being awesome. Some people are awesome, and they can handle awesome things. Others that aren't awesome, cannot handle awesome things. Also a person or something can be awesome to a degree. Super-awesome, or insane-awesome are examples. Officially awesome: Declared awesome by Mr. Awesome.
One can also be declared awesome by someone else, but it isn't official.
Bob: I drew a comic.
Mr. Awesome: Yes it is very awesome, Bob.
Jim: Can I read it?
Mr. Awesome: No, you are not awesome enough to handle it.

by Ark The Spriteman July 10, 2008
Someone that means everything to you, that you would do anything in the world for, that you can't wait til a week on Sunday just to see again
"Deborah is awesome" =)this is a FACT
by James A Smith April 23, 2008
Another word for cool
Something better then cool
Totally kick ass
Kid: I hate your shoes!
Me: I don't! I think there awesome.
by SakuraSaku October 18, 2006
Something that elicits awe - like a nice rack of ribs!
We are going to have a crazy rib party - awesome!
by just for this post April 18, 2010
The two Gods, Rachael the Impaler and Alexander the Child Abuser who are set to rule the earth in the not-so-distant future.
Minion 1: How do you describe the word, Awesome?
Minion 2: Well, there's nothing more awesome in the world than Rachael the Impaler and Alexander the Child Abuser.
Minion 1: That then, MUST be the definition for it!
Minion 2: YEAH!
*award-winning high-five is exchanged, by looking at each other's elbows*
by achaelray&lexanderay April 13, 2010
A headbanger old lady who sits at the back of busses and listens to heavy metal music loud enough for the whole bus to hear.
That lady is totally awesome!
by mlialover1606 November 12, 2009
awesome is an awesome word that many people say waaayyy to much (including me) lol(=
awesome! aweome!awesome! totally awesome!!!!<3
by (;Maddy;) December 31, 2008

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