the act of being quick witted
bumblebee is awesome
by oAlexo November 27, 2007
A code word for marijuana, or the experience of being high. Probably inspired by the June 23, 2003 Achewood comic strip. Can describe the state of mind, the experience of something while high, or the actual stash.
Hey do you got any awesome? Bring it over!

Let's get awesome!

Man, that movie was totally awesome.
by vilgrain May 16, 2005
Stephy :D
You are so Stephy which is Awesome
by Person483 June 24, 2011
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is the Definition of Awesome
by Venator21 April 11, 2011
A word that white people/ white-washed people use a lot to describe something cool.
"Tony Hawk is totally awesome!!"

"Damn, you sound so white"

"I know..."
by gweothowrhov April 28, 2010
To be so badass that u wear a dress to school and dont care
Jesus is almost as awesome as Ryan Tracy, but Jesus never wore a dress to school
by Kahunakid April 23, 2010
The genetic trait of being completely and utterly, epic.
This subject has a high expression of the awesome gene. He is in effect, fucking cool.
by thundershucks December 21, 2009

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