Word used to describe something that is Cool

Also can be used sarcastically to indicate to the other person of your apathy towards the current discussion topic
Person 1: With this device i will be able to rule th-!
Person 2:Awesome...
by mAGIK bUS June 25, 2005
a being of utter awesomeness due to the fact that she is No1 on the top 10 list of awesome objects. no one questions her authority or her ability to perform her duties as queen.
Person1: Oh wow man thats Sar!!!
Person2: OMFg man isnt she like so awesome!?!?
Person1: Yea man, apparantly she is like No1...... she beat dracula man!!
Brad: feck me.... shes awesome
by Brad;-) June 23, 2005
A word meaning cool that was used during the 80s and went horribly out of style in the 90s. Of course, now that it's 2005 we must repeat the entire decade of the 80s, it is once again cool to say.
See also Homestar
The 80s:
person1- That's awesome!
person2- Yea, I love new wave too.

The 90:
person1- Grunge is awesome!
person2- Um, dude get away from me.

person1- That's awesome!
person2- Yea, I love new wave too.
by mibluvr13 May 31, 2005
When someone is beyond cool. The word awesome was invented by a girl named Cate, because she was way too cool for the word cool. So she decided to make the word awesome
"Im too cool for the cool group. I'm going to the awesome group."
by A very nice someone December 29, 2011
anything flammable or explosive
im gonna burn and blow up some awesome stuff tonight dude.
by geesmith July 11, 2011
mikail is awesome
by NWO.deatheater November 23, 2010
the act or process of being sweeter than previously thought imaginable.
"Mike Prosser is so awesome i don't even think i can believe it"
by nsfallen May 08, 2010

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