Nathan Falk
Nathan Falk is awesome
by hownowbrowncow? July 07, 2009
A word used to describe something/somethign that is really cool or that you think just rocks !
dude1: Man star trek was prime

dude2: I know it was awesome !

Luke: You know who is awesome

Stephan: Who ?!

Luke: Luke Arthur
by OMG Scottish KID June 07, 2009
An expression used in any conversation in which fireworks, explosives or anything in general that goes boom is used. Meaning that the person using the expression would want to see the resulting explosion.
A: I just got an amazing petard cannon set with 37 mortars and cannons.
B: Awesome.
by Le femme beast April 07, 2009
Usually a meaning for something cool, hot, sweet, hip, or exciting.

Usually referring to a girl that is short, has blue eyes, and brunette hair.
Did you see that girl over there? Freakin' awesome!
by Bogelski March 22, 2009
Something or someone that makes your jaw drop in awe.
Aidan was so awesome playing his bass the other night!
by Aleesyu February 22, 2009
Awesome typically means "cool" or "excellent" (I'm talkin' Wayen's World here) but, look it up, means, like, awe-inspiring or something to that effect.
Summer: Awesome!
Cohen: Yeah. Comic books. Plastic horses.
by Cosmogirl/Little Miss Vixen January 22, 2009
Literally means something that is so amazing you have to stare at it.
But its like the best way of saying something is really really cool.
Billy: whoa, how cool is that hat?
Tarquin: It's more than cool, its awesome!
by thenewkatie October 25, 2008

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