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1] Ten out of ten on an upwards scale of cool and/or amazement.

2] The Wrong Trousers
Man, did you hear Joe's awesome mandolin lick?
by Ben Gabriel May 30, 2008
that is freaking pimp and it is good!
wow, that board is freaking awesome!

you are awesome!
by raesiclesfornoone'sface January 12, 2008
Awesome(ôsm) adjective

1. Inspiring awe
2. Expressing awe
3. Slang: Remarkable, outstanding

Adjective overused as an exclusionary Shibboleth to identify Americans, and certain Canadians (with permission) to differentiate them from mature, educated, English-speaking adults.
If you do not use the word "awesome" eleventy-eight times per hour conversationally you must not be an American (or a permitted Canadian) and will be required to remain in your smelly little village in the Third World evermore (example: Skipton, UK).
by Rotebarone January 08, 2008
A shot of tequila, so named after the 24 drinking game "Awesome" in which every unbelievable act by Jack Bauer is followed by a stiff drink. It is advised that you breathlessly cackle, "Awesome" right before you take it to the head.
Drunk 1: "Jack Bauer just broke a terrorist's neck with his knees and disarmed a nuke with a pocket knife!"

Drunk 2: "That's two shots of awesome right there!"
by Sasskwatch September 02, 2007
A fringe sexual act where one party places their big toe in the others anus. This act might result in a blown starfish, blown o ring or ass tulip.
1. I awesomed her while she was up on blocks.
by Anne Oliver June 08, 2007
This is a great super power that only few people have. It can be fatal if it is used on the non-awesome.
"By the power of Awesome, I smite you with an awesome punch!"
by Crazy Jay December 20, 2006
Word used to describe something that is Cool

Also can be used sarcastically to indicate to the other person of your apathy towards the current discussion topic
Person 1: With this device i will be able to rule th-!
Person 2:Awesome...
by mAGIK bUS June 25, 2005