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I am awesome, and now I have proof
by SirAnonymousIII October 27, 2011
This beer is making me awesome.
by lesley3882 October 13, 2011
awesome is amber tomatoe she is cool pimp and chill.
amber is the definition of awesome
wow thts so amber(hhahahaha)
amber is awesome
sabrina,alan,giselle,tina,sarah,shelby,ryan,and all my other friends are all awesome if u not my friend ut NOT awesome
by amber tomatoe October 07, 2011
Someone who is cool as shit.
Sarah R. is awesome!
by redneck kid September 28, 2011
Alana Miller, the synth player for and amazing band called The Never Ever.
P1: What is the definition of awesome?
P2: Alana Miller....duh!
by Polly-Jean Bobson September 22, 2011
When something or anything is totally cool according to Parr
Parr "that was totally awesome"
Parr "awesome mate"
Parr "oh mate it was proper awesome"
by Parr2468 June 22, 2011
Yacki is just awesome, it reminds you on the old times of life.
,,Yacki is an awesome guy.''
,,Yacki + Family > all.''
by TehRealAwi May 11, 2011

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