When something or anything is totally cool according to Parr
Parr "that was totally awesome"
Parr "awesome mate"
Parr "oh mate it was proper awesome"
by Parr2468 June 22, 2011
A word to describe a friend who goes above and beyond. Someone who makes everyone else look average and is the barometer by which friendship is measured.
Monika is the most awesome friend!
by MsCaitlyn June 20, 2011
Yacki is just awesome, it reminds you on the old times of life.
,,Yacki is an awesome guy.''
,,Yacki + Family > all.''
by TehRealAwi May 11, 2011
Greater than great. Shows how epic you are in some thing.
I am so awesome at SMB.
by Nyan Cat April 23, 2011
showing or characterized by awe
Justin is so awesome Chuck Norris is blinded by his greatness
by iamgreatter April 05, 2011
Something americans use to describe everything
wow that jesse girl is really awesome
by thatcoolpersonyoutotallyknow September 26, 2010

The condition of being too cool for school, for words, or any other kind of medium that may be used to measure "coolness"

The act of being too cool to sincerely and modestly be cool.
That skateboard trick was radically awesome!
by Fettucini! September 12, 2010

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