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Mona Rezvani
You're definitely a Mona Rezvani because she's Awesome.
by K.A.Hu September 09, 2009
The ideology of Barney Stinson (Neil Patric Harris), made famous by the sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother'.
(ie. "I'm Awesome" - Barney Stinston)
by Tod Donners September 02, 2009
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is awesome
by cazca10 June 29, 2009
the killers
mr brightside is an awesome song
by akkarin November 17, 2008
Someone or something exceedingly cool, as in personality or a subject.
EarthBound is an awesome game. The most awesome in the world, with its main character, Ness, who is the most awesome character in the world.
by NessAndMr.Saturn May 03, 2008
inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.
New York is an awesome place, Klim is an awesome artist, Pringles are awesome.
by Aukonnn May 01, 2008
A state of existing that is only attainable by people who contemplate what it means to be awesome so much that during their contemplating they realize that they are awesome simply because of the act of questioning their ability to be awesome.
Ian is awesome.
Jenny is awesome.
Jenny and Ian are both really awesome.
Jenny and Ian are both really awesome when they're together.
Jenny and Ian both understand and appreciate how awesome one another is.
by jehnifuhr February 05, 2008