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A more correct term for sleep over. The word 'sleepover' is misleading as it implies that sleeping will occur. However, this is simply not the case. The point of a sleepover is to stay up as late as possible in order to maximise party time. Thus, in all actuality the event termed 'sleep over' is more like an 'awake over'.
LO: Dude you havin' an awake over Friday night?
Me: Yup, we gotta load up on energy drinks. Anyone falls asleep and they get toothpaste in their hair.
by Ianthe January 18, 2007
Where you get drunk but unfortunately don't fall asleep and have to suffer through the sobering process.
Pat: Dude, I couldn't fall asleep after drinking last night.
John: You had your first awake-over.
by JohnnySpritelkidel November 26, 2009
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