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ty for all teh sneve
"aw naw, i tyd my pls"
by Robert Mahine April 21, 2005
3 19

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dayum fugly fugnasty nasty saggy
as in rich white folk terms- Oh No
Aw naw dawg these bitch ass niggaz don' jacked us for our shit again.
by kalil September 16, 2003
37 7
Oh No!
Awnaw she didn't wear that dress, she look like a hoe!
by Missy Roberts October 08, 2003
9 2
1. Oh, no.
2. Aw, no. (as used in the Nappy Roots song of the same name.)
"Awnaw, hellnaw, boy, ya'll done up and done it."

"You get your woman a gift?"
by Senistin May 15, 2008
6 0