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ty for all teh sneve
"aw naw, i tyd my pls"
by Robert Mahine April 21, 2005

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dayum fugly fugnasty nasty saggy
as in rich white folk terms- Oh No
Aw naw dawg these bitch ass niggaz don' jacked us for our shit again.
by kalil September 16, 2003
Oh No!
Awnaw she didn't wear that dress, she look like a hoe!
by Missy Roberts October 08, 2003
1. Oh, no.
2. Aw, no. (as used in the Nappy Roots song of the same name.)
"Awnaw, hellnaw, boy, ya'll done up and done it."

"You get your woman a gift?"
by Senistin May 15, 2008