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Member in Avril's band who plays guitar so she only has to pretend to.
Teenage Fan: "Like OMG Avril is such an awesome guitar player, and she like totally taught herself how to play."

Disgruntled realist: "No you puppet monkey paramecium, she fucked that ugly ass guy in the band who plays guitar,avrilsguitarist, hence she fucked a guitar player, possibly the guitar itself, but nonetheless is not capable of playing the instrument, and on most occasions has trouble even indentifying what the instrument is."

Teenage fan: "But she has a guitar." (Sniff, sniff).

Realist: "I have a gun, but that doesn' mean I use it, unless I have a reason that I just found to use it."
by Cherries April 09, 2006
Refers to homosexual men that appear to be 12 years old. Often times you will find avrilsguitarist in gay pop bands that do not have any real meaning. Their careres are short live just like their talent.
Hey look at that 12 year old boy over their he looks like avrilsguitarist.
by Jena April 05, 2003
my garage band king.
i love avrilsguitarist.
by tessa February 23, 2003
male slut many people envy this person.
"That guy is such an avrilsguitarist, he has seventeen ladies on his arms"
by Neko February 23, 2003
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