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one of the most fake wannabe posers to every try to make it in the singing career. she thinks shes so hardcore and punk rock just cuz she writes her own songs about how her boyfriend dumped her and now shes over him. c'mon even i can write a better song than that peice of crap!!!!! put thumbs up if u agree.
avril lavigne is.... let's see..... oh yeah.... a poser.
by libbi lu May 18, 2006
242 259
A loser who thinks she is hard rock punk when she died her hair bleach blonde and wears her make-up like a prostitute.
She's like the clone of Malibu Barbie.
A Phoney punkishrocker.
by Ian Snyder July 31, 2005
519 536
A singer born in Napanee, Ontario, Canada. She started singing country when she was young. In high school, she was a cheerleader and she took chorus and hockey, although she denies at times the first one. She has a nice voice, but her reputation is really bad because she called her music punk, new country, and then heavy metal. Her music is pop, basically. It has tinges of rock, but that's about it. One listen to her first CD, Let Go, will make you wonder.

Caused a major fashion movement in which "wanna-be" skater-chicks dressed up like Avril and pretended to be skaters. The majority of those people were young girls between 8-12 who didn't have a clue what "hardcore punk" was.
Avril Lavigne isn't hardcore okay?! So stop IMing me saying, "OMG LYK AVRIL IS so0o0o0o0o HARDCORE RAWK LYK OMG!" But if you do want to talk, on AIM, it's ccglasses19.
by C.C. June 18, 2005
231 248
a fuckin annoying bitch who no one likes and should be in a circus, her voice is done with a machine and really she cant sing worth shit, she sounds like a man
"do you like Avril Lavigne?"
"Hell no, I fuckin hate that wannabe bitch"
by Rammstein_kicks_ass February 27, 2006
443 461
the crappiest singer I've hear in my life..her and her fans should die....because of her all the good stores have been invaded by preps who claim to be "punk"
"She sucks, face it!"
by Dirge May 21, 2005
237 255
Someone who is really pissing me off right now...someone who thinks she is too young to know who the mother fucking SEX PISTOLS are. I'm fucking ten years younger than her and I have known who they were for my entire LIFE!
She is a fake ass singer who calls herself "punk".
Avril Lavigne: Sex Pistols??????
by theactuallysmartone July 15, 2008
233 252
A beyatch who steals 99.9999999% of her songs and can't sing worth crap, commonly confused with that other whore named Britney.
If you want real music, listen to anything BUT Avril Lavigne.
by Sugino3 November 22, 2007
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