A complete poser who thinks she's a punk just because she's wearing ties and studded belts. Wanted to make a new kind of music when she first started out, but the music is just as similar as Hilary Duffs and Ashlee Simpsons.
When her first CD was released, she tried to impress the whole world by running around with a skateboard and a new "skate punk" image.
Don't even know what punk rock is first of all.
Can't write lyrics, can't sing and she sucks on the guitar! Her lyrics are just the same: AAARGH, everyone has to be scared of me because I can get really pissed when my boyfriend dumps me!!
That's so pathetic.

Now, she's dyed her hair blonde, walk around like a prep and she's also planning to release a new record in early 2007. And what is that gonna sound like?
I don't wanna know!
Avril Lavigne: Oh my gaaawd, I'm like, soo punk raaaawk!

12-year old litte girl: yeah, Avril! Rock on! Look; I'm wearing daddies tie! And I stole it, I'm so like a rebel, just like you, Avie!

Me: Go screw you guys..

Avril Lavigne: Shut the hell up, or I'll, like, punch you in the face!

Me: Sure, and then I will die or what?

Avril: Yeah! That's, like, so true, dude!

Me: *Punching Avril in the face*

And Avril dies. *Doing the wave*

by rancid_fan July 14, 2006
BORN: Avril Ramona Lavigne.
GENDER: Female.
D.O.B.: Sept. 27, 1984.
NATIONALITY: Canadian (Born in Napanee).
OCCUPATION: Music Artist (rock, pop, punk, some country). She plays the guitar, drums, piano, and of course, sings. She is also beginning to appear in movies, and is launching her modeling career.
APPEARANCE: Caucasian. Blue eyes. Naturally brown hair, but recently died blonde. Petit build. GORGEOUS!
MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Derek Whibley of rock group, "Sum 41".

An amazing, beautiful, confident, young artist who started out as a small-town girl with a dream, and a great pair of pipes to boot! She was discovered by famous country singer, Shania Twain, when Av won a contest to sing with her hero. She made her way to stardom, one step at a time, starting out with such hits like "Sk8er Boi" and "Complicated" in 2002, after signing with Arista Records. She has produced two albums, "Let Go" and "Under My Skin" (plus several singles), and is currently working on her third cd. Even through all the critisism she recieved for being who she is, Avril has constantly managed to stay on top. She has always been original and different from all of the other artists in the biz, and empowered girls and young women to stand up for them selves and be who they want to be.

NOTE: For all of you who disagree with me...that's okay. I'm not going to argue with you, because this is just my opinion. We're all entitled to our own. What matters is that Avril's music means something to ME. If her music doesn't do it for other people, I'm sure they will find another artist that will. Music is subjective and not everyone can agree. But that's what makes us, and music, exciting and different! If she means nothing to you, just let it be. Don't stomp on other people's inspiration. No one person can please everyone, but Avril sure has pleased me.
Avril Lavigne is my role model. Her songs are my voice when I cannot speak. The power her music gives me is indescribable in words.
by nickchik April 14, 2006
A female Canadian-born singer and songwriter. Generally speaking, she can write songs that make sense and she can sing at some point. She used to dress and act like an angry punk-rocker but she changed her style since her third album released. She is both loved and hated by people; some do because of her music and other do because of her persona. She also curses, and likes to say words such as "fuck" and "damn".

The only thing that many people criticize her is her personality. One minute she was slamming Britney Spears and swore that she'd never dress like a music hore, selling her body instead of her music, the next minute she's become another Britney Spears, or as she thinks, "a punk version of Britney Spears and a more mature" of herself. She then sings songs like "Hot" and "Girlfriend" and wears revealing clothes.

She often claims that she is not a pop star but in fact she is. Basically, her songs are just pop songs with some rock beats.

Since her third album, her style changed to more pop, but she thinks it's girly punk. She now tries to act gothic, and have launched a fashion line of clothes and perfumes(one called "Forbidden Rose").

However, despite that many think she's fake and arrogant(she pretended having baby just for fun), there are still many, most are teenagers, love and support her. She is commercially successful.
You said that you wouldn't want to dress like a cheerleader, and now you're wearing clothes that show your boobs. You're just like Avril Lavigne.
by Hey3Up August 01, 2010
okay here it goes! I hate Avril Lavignes MUSIC!! I dont hate her! Some people like that kind of music, so be it. You dont know her. The only thing you've seen of her is what you've seen on tv. She's probable a person that laughed and likes to live life just like all you fucktards! Im not defending her...im defending anyone who has been labeled as a poser before some one even knows them. Myself included. And to all of you that say Simple Plan and Blink-182 and Green Day are posers, just shut the fuck up! No one cares and you wonder why no one likes you! How come it seems to be imposible to like Blink-182 and Social Distortion or Misfits at the same time?!?! I like all those bands! Avril Lavignes music inst the best, but you have to admit its better than that lame as rap shit that i cant get a moments rest from!
Avril Lavigne is her own person. Im not particularly fond of her, but every one's entitled to their own opinion.
by thisthingfuckingsucks May 26, 2006
Hyprocritical posuer. She thinks she a rockstar by covering Metallica and dressing "punk" but she is really just another popstar just like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Her pop-rock act is immitated by Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff. Thanks to her all of the tennyboppers and popstars are wearing studded belts and arm warmers. Marketed by MTV
"You come over unannounced
dressed up like you're somethin' else" -Complicated
I'm not a fan of hers, but I'm standing up for her. People say she's a poser because she dressed like a punk but didn't sing punk music. Eh, its your fault for judging her on what she wears. She never EVER said she was singing punk music. Secondly, songwriting skills. She's 21, and she writes her own music. Of course it won't be brilliant, it's not easy to write songs, espcially at 21. (Unless you are Bob Dylan So lay off her songwriting. People say she's a poser because she changed her dress. Uhm, how much did you change YOUR style from age 16 to 21? A lot, I'm damn sure.
Thirdly, I like how she...wears (gasp!) clothes! And she and that guy from Sum 41 are cute.
Avril Lavigne will improve, just give it time.
by avriliscooldontbashher July 14, 2006
Avril Lavigne is a talented musician...Need I say more?

-She writes most of her songs and they make sense.
-She can actually sing...Sure, her performances in 2002-2004 weren't good, but in 2005, her voice completely changed. It was amazing.
-Avril has her own style and she's not a "wanna-be".
-With or without makeup, she's gorgeous, in MY opinion.
-Avril Lavigne changed her style. Her "punk" style was before. It's now over with. She changed it to something more feminine.
-Does not lip-sync. =]

And besides, to those people who are like, "AVRIL IS A POSEUR ONGZ ~*~*~", I can garuantee them that they haven't even heard some of her music, not even one song of her's. Also, the way she dresses, does it REALLY matter to you? Just because she wears black and more black, who gives a crap about it?
"It's Av-ril, not "Uh-Varil". -Avril Lavigne
by Saera September 16, 2006
Avril is a great music artist. You may think shes a wanna be punk and a poser because of her rapid change in clothing. But you shouldnt judge an artist by their IMAGE but their music because she is an artist. Nor should u hate an artist cos everyone else does. I mean didnt you change ur clothing style over the years ? and she never stated that she sang punk music. Maybe if everyone actually listened to her music without knowing who she was they would probably like her. This is my opinion
person1)"Cool this song is awesome, do u know who sings it? Its called Losing grip"
Person2)"yeah it rocks doesnt it, its avril lavigne"
Person1)"oh serious nah if its sung by her its crap and stupid!"
by JuJuJuJuJuJu January 18, 2007
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