A complete poser who thinks she's a punk just because she's wearing ties and studded belts. Wanted to make a new kind of music when she first started out, but the music is just as similar as Hilary Duffs and Ashlee Simpsons.
When her first CD was released, she tried to impress the whole world by running around with a skateboard and a new "skate punk" image.
Don't even know what punk rock is first of all.
Can't write lyrics, can't sing and she sucks on the guitar! Her lyrics are just the same: AAARGH, everyone has to be scared of me because I can get really pissed when my boyfriend dumps me!!
That's so pathetic.

Now, she's dyed her hair blonde, walk around like a prep and she's also planning to release a new record in early 2007. And what is that gonna sound like?
I don't wanna know!
Avril Lavigne: Oh my gaaawd, I'm like, soo punk raaaawk!

12-year old litte girl: yeah, Avril! Rock on! Look; I'm wearing daddies tie! And I stole it, I'm so like a rebel, just like you, Avie!

Me: Go screw you guys..

Avril Lavigne: Shut the hell up, or I'll, like, punch you in the face!

Me: Sure, and then I will die or what?

Avril: Yeah! That's, like, so true, dude!

Me: *Punching Avril in the face*

And Avril dies. *Doing the wave*

by rancid_fan July 14, 2006
A candian singer. Avril is a very talented sing. Stop being a little b!tch and leave her alone. Avril rules, her songs rule, and that's all that matters so yea. fvck off b@sterds, you got that? Stop giving crap and listen to a song or two. Like 'Don't Tell Me' wich is about NOT being a skank and about saying no to the whole sex pressure and being non-slutty. She sure has subsance, a lot more than The Jonas Brothers. Case closed.
Girl1: Man, JB rules so much. Unlike Avril Lavigne.
Girl2: Chika you're INSANE! JB is GAY, Avril RULES.
Girl1: Oh no you didn't!
Girl2: Oh yes I did.

Girl1: Oh it's on!
Girl2: *Shoots girl1* Avril rocks, JB is gay. Case closed little dead girl.
by The Vixen Queen March 28, 2010
Avril Ramona Lavigne was born to a French-born father, John, and a Franco-Ontarian mother, Judy, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada on September 27, 1984. Her father named her Avril after the month "April" in French.She has an older brother, Matthew, and a younger sister, Michelle.Lavigne's mother was the first to spot young Lavigne's talent. At the age of two, Lavigne began singing church songs along with her mother. The family moved to Napanee, Ontario, when Lavigne was five years old.

In 1998, Lavigne won a competition to sing with fellow Canadian singer Shania Twain on her first major concert tour. She appeared alongside Twain at her concert in Ottawa, appearing on stage to sing "What Made You Say That". She was discovered by her first professional manager, Cliff Fabri, while singing country covers at a Chapters bookstore in Kingston, Ontario. During a performance with the Lennox Community Theatre, Lavigne was spotted by local folk singer Steve Medd, who invited her to contribute vocals on his song, "Touch the Sky", for his 1999 album, Quinte Spirit. She also sang on "Temple of Life" and "Two Rivers" for his follow up 2000 album, My Window to You.
Despite the fact that most people hate her because she is a "punk poser" she never claimed to be punk.She is a POP singer.Some people say she is the worst singer ever...have you heard artists like rihanna and katy perry?And at least she doesn't use sex appeal like lady gaga and britney spears.
Avril lavigne is NOT punk.But if I wanna listen to punk,I'll listen to bands like the sex pistols,the ramones,the misfits,sham 69,the distillers,bikini kill,social distortion,pennywise,etc.
by spongebob roundpants August 04, 2009
Another one of the many people like complaining about, but waste their time since there really are some horrible people out there.
Person 2: "Um.. okay. By the way, want to read my essay I wrote on Hitler for school?"
Person 3: "HUH WHOOZ HITLER?!?!?!!?!???????///"
by A random somebody September 03, 2005
Avril Lavigne's Canadian, what more do you want?
Avril Lavigne's f*ucking Canadian & She's a whore.
by Nuggets January 23, 2008
She's a singer/songwriter claimed to suck and claimed to rock. Everyone is a critic.
Avril is, at the least, original, singing with her own vocals *coughASHLEESIMPSONcough* and at least play the guitar and is not just a pretty face who sings monotone. I give her credit.
by Evette May 25, 2005
Female canadian singer.
"Avril Lavigne is a poser and she cant sing."
"Listen to her second album... then judge
oh and if ur so clever, you sing it then."
by taking the biscuit November 01, 2006
A pop-punk singer. I personaly don't like her music, but as a fellow Canadian, I will say this much for her;
Her music, because of her voice, is unpleasant. But often closet posers and posers who are in denial will, without having heard a single bit of her songs but with the knowlege that she was on MTV, have a wonderful time blasting anyone who listens to her songs as a "sellout," "corporate," "shallow," etc. Judging someone purely on their musical likes is INCREDIBLY STUPID.
I think Avril Lavigne is almost unlistenable, but you have the right to listen to her if you want to. To all the kids out there who enjoy bashing and steryotyping her fans, you stupid motherfuckers are WAY shallower than anyone I would want to know.
by Jonzo the Weasel June 03, 2006

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