I've heard Avril is very shitty live. I've never seen her.

Leads her angry army of 10 year old girls. Which has indeed died off a great deal since 2001-2003. How can you tell one of these EXTREME sk8 punk rawkers from a normal, conformist, 'preppy' kid? Socks cut off as wristbands. Pants hanging far too low, only held up with a hardcore, $20.00 studded belt from a jean store. Flaunting tee shirts with lame sayings which attempt to look out there and original but fail miserably, they love to dye their hair and want to be another person. Buy ties or steal their father's and wears them with shirts. You need your spiked wrist bands as well.
Fangirl 1: What's this Britany Spears crap on the radio? Oh, she is so unoriginal. She just follows the media and is soo a popular prep.
Fangirl 2: TOETALLY! Oh my god, have you bought a skateboard yet?
Fangirl 1: Of course I have!!!
Fangirl 2: Oh my god it's our jammm! He wuz a sk8er boi, nahnah nah incoherant words dah do!
Fangirl 1: I'm seeing Avril in concert!
Fangirl 2: You stupid bitch! I'll fucking kill you!
by Anne Cabot August 17, 2005
see fucktard

she is a girl from canada who claims to be punk, but is just as pop as britney spears. her fan base consists of girls about 9-12 who want to try and rebel against some shit. she cannot play the guitar, she cannot sing, she cannot do much but disgrace the music industry really. AND SHE ALSO REALLY FUCKED UP WHEN SHE COVERED THE LEGENDARY SONG BASKET CASE BY GREEN DAY(WHO ROCK) HOW DARE SHE!!!
9 yr old fucktard- omg i am so punk i listen to avril lavigne she rocks
me: fuck off
*turns up basket case* BY GREEN DAY!!!!!
by tara05 January 02, 2006
a wannabe punk rocker. she sucks at life and wishes she was talented. anyone who thinks avril is punk is either a poser or really retarded
Poser: Avril Lavigne is SOOOOO punk
Punker: *punches poser* You don't know real punk
by Andrulf April 10, 2007
"Avril Lavigne" is what 10 year old girls listen to when they get angry at their parents for not letting them stay up passed 8pm. Also a poser (watch any interviews with her and u'll see what i mean). Oh yeah, and a sellout.
avril lavigne shall be forgotten
by rjgh;sfjkd July 01, 2006
Female pop/rock artist from Ontario Canada. Commonly hated by people who think she's fake or a poser. Like the way T.A.T.U. was first marketed as lesbians, she was probably marketed as a Sk8er punk girl by her management because when her second album came out she was dressed completely different. Same thing with T.A.T.U. Now they're no longer lesbians. Its all marketing.
Avril Lavigne was probably MARKETED as a sk8er punk girl.
by 1069 December 01, 2005
A stupid ugly skanky bitch who thinks she can rock out, even though every one knows she's a fucking poser, only the preps like her for her "music"

if only they knew
After premier of music video:

Avril's preppy friends: Omg avril u were sooo punk in that video. wow u are sooo punky with all ur black clothes. u are such a rocker chick. u r such a rebel! how does ur mom deal with all that?

Avril: Yeah i made them zoom in on my converse to show everyone im hardcore yeah! Oh oops, my mom's here, she's driving me to the mall!
by O_Xx May 18, 2005
a big ass poser.....she cant sing and she needs a lifeeee....who buys her clothes at khols?
avril lavigne is the biggest poser ever
by dgfjhldge August 23, 2008
DEFINITLEY ONE OF THE MOST OVERRATED SINGERS OF ALL TIME. she thinks she's punk by punching mirrors and breaking them, a sellout, by far one of the least talented ppl in hollywood, yet still managed to sell millions of albums. the best damn thing album cover, is the most stereotypical rock chick thing ive ever fucking seen.. UGHH `nuf said
Avril Lavigne: "Look i am soooo punk in this t-shirt, look it says " PUNK" on it!

Random Person: " WOW U ARE PUNK...NOT.
by thats rite, imma hater May 14, 2008

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