I've heard Avril is very shitty live. I've never seen her.

Leads her angry army of 10 year old girls. Which has indeed died off a great deal since 2001-2003. How can you tell one of these EXTREME sk8 punk rawkers from a normal, conformist, 'preppy' kid? Socks cut off as wristbands. Pants hanging far too low, only held up with a hardcore, $20.00 studded belt from a jean store. Flaunting tee shirts with lame sayings which attempt to look out there and original but fail miserably, they love to dye their hair and want to be another person. Buy ties or steal their father's and wears them with shirts. You need your spiked wrist bands as well.
Fangirl 1: What's this Britany Spears crap on the radio? Oh, she is so unoriginal. She just follows the media and is soo a popular prep.
Fangirl 2: TOETALLY! Oh my god, have you bought a skateboard yet?
Fangirl 1: Of course I have!!!
Fangirl 2: Oh my god it's our jammm! He wuz a sk8er boi, nahnah nah incoherant words dah do!
Fangirl 1: I'm seeing Avril in concert!
Fangirl 2: You stupid bitch! I'll fucking kill you!
by Anne Cabot August 17, 2005
canadian that thinks she's so badass and that the color pink is "so totally emo and punk!"
omg, i just bought pink highlights from avril lavigne's fashion line cause im so incredibly punk
by :] !!! April 03, 2009
A strange fox-like mammal whose loud, vocal cries are sometimes mistaken for punk rock. It is native to Canada and does not have any identifiable purpose for its infamous cry.
The Avril Lavigne was keeping me up all night with its strange noises.
by HolyProphetOfTruth July 13, 2014
Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer who released her first CD in 2002. She has a fanbase across the world due to her talent and her "Fuck you I'll do what I want" personality. Many people believe she is a "Wannabe punk star" when she states in many interviews she is not punk or trying to be punk, seriously you guys need to get over yourselves <3. She has four studio albums and is releasing her 5th this year (2013). Avril has never lip synced except in music videos cause you are kind of forced to.
Person 1)"Have you heard Avril Lavignes new single"
Person 2)"Lol no, that wannabe punk whore sucks"
Person 1)"Oh that's cool"
*Person 1 then gouges person 2's eyes out with a fucking machete"

Cop) "What happened here?"
Person 1)"He said Avril Lavigne is a wannabe punk whore"
Cop) "That cunt deserved to die "
by Adelf Heetler July 18, 2013
someone who claims to be punk but dosent no who the sex pistols were.
interveiwer: what bands do you like?
Avril Lavigne: good charlott, simple plan.
interveiwer: what about bands like the sex pistols?
Avril Lavigne: never heard of them
interveiwer: you have never heard of the sex pistols? and you call your self a punk rocker?
Avril Lavigne: i dont think music is important
interveiwer: but you are an artist.
Avril Lavigne: hmphh *gets up and walks out*
interveiwer: word
the above REALLY happend
by comegetmebitch September 19, 2006
A talented musician. Who sings, plays piano, drums, and guitar. When she released her first album "Let go" in about 2000 (One of the best selling female albums at the time) she was a tomboy, skater with an edge. Her second album released in 2004, "Under My Skin" (personally, one of my favorites) she had a more you could say emo, punk more girly style, still with an edge. Now her 3rd album "The Best Damn Thing" released around 2007 she had a more girly, preppy, pop style, with edge. Her 4th album "Goodbye Lullaby" released in 2011 (this year) is a kind of pop, softer album. She says she has changed since she was a skater tomboy. That she looked up to her older brother and hung out with mostly guys. People say she found herself. That she has grown/matured. A lot of people say they like her old music, and they want the "old Avril" back. Yet some say they like the "new Avril" better. But Avril is Avril, and she isn't willing to change who she is for anyone. My opinion is I do like her old music/style better. And I don't think she matured. But she did change. But I will be a Avril Lavigne fan forever. Been here since Complicated still her for What the hell.
Some random person: I want the old Avril Lavigne back!! She had better music/style!!

Another random person: Avril Lavigne is Avril Lavigne she changed. Everyone changes! She grew up! Get over it! let "old Avril" go!
by MusicLover40059 June 11, 2011
self proclaimed "punk" rocker from Canada. Is one-handedly responsible for destroying Canada's crediblity on the punk scene. Claims she's harcore but poses for magazine's like Cosmopolitan and Vogue and dyes her hair blond. In the end she's just another Hillary Duff bimbo wannabee.
Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, are all teeny bopper icons, sie mussen sterben!
by Lost in Fall January 05, 2007
a stupid wanna-be punk who dont know shit fom a candy bar and is the biggest poser i have ever seen in my life. A disgrace to life.
wanna-be punk bitch, i wonder who. AVRIL
by A REAL PUNK August 07, 2005
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