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a fat whore with a large over hanging gut and twiggy dispropotianate legs, creating a resemblence to an avocado. it helps to make the connection when they wear green. these nasty sluts, are known to suck dick for fun and turn men gay. this term was created in 2002 when mocking a teachers fat slutty daughter and her also avocado shaped friends. the second group of girls that were called this adopted the term, not realizing that their disgusting body shape was being mocked.
pigarella: so jizzy, what happened with your last boyfriend?

jizzy: he was third guy to leave me for charlie after i fuck him.

trashley: well thats what us avocado hoez do!

smelanie: WERE FAT HOES!
#avo #avocado #whores #avosluts #fatavo #green slut
by those two 14 year old bitches March 21, 2007
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