A person who is known to have autism. Characterized by repetative movements such as hand flapping, rocking, or banging of the head. Some autistic people have speech delays, trouble concentrating and difficulties with the emotional ques of other people. Some autistics have above average intelligence with minimal issues as stated above.

To be autistic is a challenge for not just the person with autism but the entire family envolved. It is highly misunderstood and has no cure.
Mother of a child with autism.

I encourage others to please read up on autism and make yourself aware of the signs. Early intervention will have the biggest impact on an autistics life.
by rvn76 April 02, 2008
A word not intended to attack actual sufferers of autism but used to bring someones credibility of opinion down to the level of an autistic persons opinion, as in, completely meaningless. It is often used to brand a person as being a degenerate, useless, meaningless, unimportant or a drain on society.

Often used to attack watchers of Anime (all varieties) TV shows such as My Little Pony or video games such as Sonic, Metal Gear or other Japanese video games, or people with incredibly dumbfounded opinions.

Sometimes used in defense of people who enjoy anime to insult people with normal taste in media, even though they go completely against the norm.
"I love My Little Pony, the show is so meaningful and complex, but what would make it even better is a katana wielding, sonic inspired cute pony!"

"Holy shit dude, you are literally Autistic."
by John Prankster March 14, 2015
Formerly meaning a way to describe those with the developmental disorder autism characterized by a lack of social skills, extreme/low intelligence (depending on the severity), and other odd behaviours, it is now an insult/slang term used by trolls/failtrolls alike when they can't say anything better or think that it's cool to use a developmental disorder as an insult.
Normal YouTube Comment Section:

User: *commenting on a Minecraft vid*
Troll: What are you? Autistic??
User: No. ._.
Troll: Yes, autistic. lol

Oh look! It's a troll using autism as an insult! That hasn't been overdone by millions of other trolls in the last 2 years! *derp* (It is, but you should get the sarcasm implied here.)
by epic343 February 13, 2015
A neurotypical (NT) word that describes a group of people that are not able (nor interested at times) to conform to behaviours like :

- overvaluing eye contact by judging others on their ability / inability to do so.
- engaging in small talk
- not taking things literally
-speaking for the sake of speaking

It is a also a neurotypical (NT) word describing a segment of the disable community, those with mental illness and those who are unable to help themselves and therefor require not just assistance but direction.

Autism refers to a Spectrum of people which in reality has referred to mainly extroverted Autistics (those they can observe readily).

As much as Autistic encompasses "high functioning" Autistics and "Aspergians", NTs exercise the use of this word to mostly regard "lower functioning".

The use of the term Autistic is usually used in NT circles including 'experts, parents and service providers' only to leave out the very people they claim to be trying to help.

Autistic means to be seen as less than, dumb, incapable, foolish, naive.
"I'm Autistic"
"Um, you don't seem autistic. You seem fine to me. You make eye contact. You are reasonably expressive. Nothing's wrong with you"

"You're Autistic. I'm sorry your Autism has made things so hard for you"
"Um, I didn't say that".
by OK THERE.... April 25, 2010
A situation in which a subject (such as a movie, idea, person, etc.) or argument is over-analyzed and deconstructed to the point where it gets ridiculous and nobody else in the room cares anymore. These usually involve large thesaurus-busting SAT list vocabulary, walls of text, straw man arguments, and lots of repetition. "Autistic" posts are frequent on internet message boards, as many people hold huge egos about their so-called intelligence and self-worth.

May also be useful for a person who can't take a joke, needs to lighten up and stop acting so seriously (real autistic people tend to be literal minded).

Can be invoked when someone claims to hate something, but then constantly brings up said thing up in conversation, either to add more (or repeat) reasons of their hatred or to remind others of said hatred.

"Autistic" comes from a way to describe someone with Autism, a curious medical phenomenon that affects the brain's information processing. Autism usually affects social development, communication, and motor skills. Little is known about the cause of this, thus lots of effort is being put forward towards research.
Okay, okay, we get the point. No need to be so autistic about it, Christ.

Bob was being so autistic yesterday, but it turned out Alice broke up with him the night before.
by seekingfuckyear September 05, 2010

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