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Australia was a rich country filled with very unique flora and fauna such as the megafauna but the invasion of the English saw a lot of the native fauna killed, including the aboriginals, Now there are less than 4% authentic aboriginals left in the country and that is being generous.

The Howard administration saw a lot of Australian's turn to trade job's to fuel the production industry. Australia, although being mostly desert has a strong industrial side with the majority of the population working in factories or similar. The Rudd administration will see a large influx of immigration and a further emphasis on education, instead of old people and 'grunt' jobs.

Globalisation has had a dramatic effect on Australia. The food we eat for example mainly consist of export from America and Coles Myer (an American company) making our main foods; pies, pasties, hot dogs and hamburger as well as Coca Cola leading to a huge increase in obesity.

Figures have been stated that less than 50% of Australian's would have a high education. Australia is a highly Anglo-Saxon religious country. This is coming from a 13th generation Australian.

Watch Today Tonight or read a newspaper.
by Rottencore November 24, 2008
Most laid back race
Pissed all the time (hooray)
Real Australian men shoot kangaroos and rabbits
Almost every Australian city was in the top 20 most livable cities in the world (sorry Darwin)
Australian: "Grab a six pack of six pack of VB and lets go shoot some fucking roos"
by trueblueaussie November 17, 2009
Vicous dinosaurs that appear in kid shows, eat baby brains, and rapes numerous children at once and then eats them afterwards. They are also from Australia and all of them wrestle crocodiles and die by being stung by sting rays.
Those Australians there are being so annoying!
by meatloak February 28, 2011
An Australian is an inhabitant of Australia, which is both a continent and a country in one.

Australians have a unique language that they developed from English colloquialism giving them a distinct style and accent. The New Zealanders have copied it, addinga few variations, like 'sex' for 'six', and 'dick' for 'deck'.

Most American made shows and movies portray Australian as slack jawed drunks who sit around all day and feed babies to their pet dingos. Unlike the Americans, Australians do not promote themselves in movies with their flag nor do they get involved in other country conflict, like the Americans, unless draged in. And most of their celebrities and directors now come to Australia to film their movies and hang out on our beaches with those 'cute Australian babes'.

An Australian is a character and a half and it's a title to be proud of. Go you good thing!
William: So where to these holidays?
Chad: Lets head out to Australia. I'd like to pick up some of them hot Australians down at the beach.
by kink_jabooty August 13, 2005
A once magnificent group of people quickly becoming Americans. Along with the British one of the few peoples stupid enough to get sucked into the American Oil war in Iraq. For a representation of an Australian, see John Howard, the man they have elected as their leader for over 10 years.
- Hey, Maybe things will work out and the world will be a better place.
- Not with the Australians refusing to sign the kyoto protocol.
by whybother May 03, 2007
Native of Australia, there are good Australians and there are bad ones, let's just leave it at that.
1st Norwegian: "Those Aussies aren't such bad people after all."

2nd Norweigan: "Except those who lock up children in jail."

1st Norwegian: "True."
by flightguy May 29, 2005
Any person who lives in Australia, but who is NOT John Howard.

John Howard takes away people's jobs and puts on a tracksuit to watch tv... this THING cannot be human and we should kill it before it spreads
Australian people are the best in the world, it is a fact that Melbourne won the "World's Most Liveable City" award a few years ago. so it has been proven. THAT, my friends, is why there are so many people trying to get into this paradise!
by Stuchers July 02, 2006