Austrailian Kiss: The same as a French Kiss, but given 'Down Under.'
Girl: Your French kisses are great!

Boy: Just wait. Great French kissing is an art form, but my Fantastic Austrailian kisses are gonna make you a "Mona Lisa"
by PABM February 01, 2008
Top Definition
Another term for going down on your woman. Giving a woman a french kiss "down under."
I decided to give my girl an austrailian kiss instead of just licking her button.
by The Wieners February 08, 2005
a french kiss.... down under!
man: hey baby wanna austrailian kiss?
woman: whats that?
man: when i give you a french kiss down under!
by smackdat146 January 28, 2011
to perform oral sex on another person by french kissing.
Hey charlie, did you give sheila an austrailian kiss last night? she seems mighty happy today....
by Jeff Bentz September 06, 2004
The female version of teabagging by squating over someone while they are passed out and kissing them with your lips from down under.
You better take your shoes off or you'll get Austrailian Kisses.
by KC. Slip April 14, 2009
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