A main character in the game Final Fantasy X. Auron was a guardian of High Summoner Braska, along with another character, Jecht. When Braska finished his journey he had to face Sin.

In the beginning of FFX, Auron is standing on a building in Zanarkand, watching as Sin and one of its Sinspawn grow to destroy the city. Tidus, another major character, runs out from a blitzball game and finds Auron, wondering what he's doing back in Zanarkand.

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"This is it. This is your story."- Auron, FFX
by Reiko November 18, 2003
Top Definition
Tragic unsent character who drives the story of FFX to its end. The real hero of the tale.
Powerful and protective.
"This is for the fallen...!"
"Some just can't wait to die..."
"I wanted to change the world...but I changed nothing...that's my story."
by Ailís Aífa February 18, 2004
A guardian of high summoner Braska along with Jecht the father of the main character Tidus, he died when he attempted to fight lady Yunalesca seeking vengence for Braska and Jechts' meaningless sacrifice. After being severely injured he crawled down Mt. Gagazet where he met Kimahri who he asked to go find and take care of Braska's duaghter Yuna. He died shortly after ut his bond with the planet was strong enough to allow him to live as an unsent to fufill his promise to Jecht which was to find a way to go to his Zanarkand and take care of his son Tidus and one day to bring him to Spira. He later beacame Yuna's guardian along with Tidus, he taught the group alot since he was the only one of them to ever complete a pilgrimage with a summoner although Lulu had been a guardian before.
"You are sure" -Auron talking to Sin (jecht) before sending Tidus to Spira-
by Zach E. April 11, 2006
The best, Auron is a very wise person, and he just acts like god because hes been through it all before and has learnt.
"I promised Jecht" - But Jecht is sin in 1000 years, and when Tidus is taken there, Auron is known to have been Braska's guardian ten years ago... how he go back in time and how did Jecht go into time?
by Philip January 06, 2004
Auron Aaronis a boy's name used in English. It is an alternate form of Aaron. Aaron is Hebrew and means "Mountain of Strength."

Auron is the name of the orthogon known as the golden rectangle, containing the golden spiral. Its sides differ by the golden ratio phi = 1.618...

Au and Ron in the Anylects of Confucious, or possible of Hebrew origin.

The Golden Section is an Orthogon called the Auron, meaning "gold".

Auron: Ayr-onmay be "a Celtic name which combines 'aur' (gold) and 'on' (a divine ending or death)." Note that Aurum is Latin for "gold"

Auron — AYR-on Fr. Welsh aur "gold" + -on, "a divine ending". Euron.

The derivation of the name "Auron" is not clear. In latin, the adjective "Aureus" means "gilded, gilt", but in figurative sense it also means "noble". Many sources pointed out that the name could derive its first part from the Hebrew "Or". The particle Or substantially means "light given through guidance and wisdom".

Auron - guardian

Auron - Wise, apparently rough but kind of heart
by Auron January 22, 2005
A character in SquareSoft's Final Fantasy X.
A synonym for perfection or flawlessness in a male.
Adjective: Icy Auron's Dante Mission 2 video is an Auron example of pwnage.

Adverb: Icy Auron Auronly pwns with Royal Guard in Devil May Cry 3.

Above examples refrain from using Auron as a subject to avoid confusion.
by Icy_Auron March 16, 2009
a man you do not fuck with, if you see him with a jug not full of booze you must fill it yourself or face his sober rage. This is a man who should have died but told the reaper he wasn't drunk enough for that and came back. The only reason he decided to finally die was because the booze was gone and he heard that hades had some aged scotch for him, that and he couldn't take Tidus' constant whining
(person sees auron without alcohol): hey you want my Texas mickey of vodka?

yes you have earned you're right to keep your life and now get one favor

person: praise be to Auron
by animefan004 February 14, 2013
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