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A wonderful girl who is pretty, she is very outgoing & always puts a smile on other peoples faces.she is strong minded & independent. She is usually a cheerleader. & loves to date athletes one day she will be famous. If you ever meet an auriel you should keep her & never let her go she is one of a kind. She doesn't fight. But she fears none don't fuck with her because she will fuck you up. You she is faithful when she wants to be. She is never a hoe or slut. She is a great friend & will be a wonderful wife & mother when she grows up. Oh yeah & they are usually good in bed.
"Dame that girl is SEXY"
"Hell yeah she is such an Auriel"
by unknownmnk January 05, 2013
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a very emotionally strong person, confusing in the moment but always in the right place at the right time.
Auriel is usually sagitarrious, and likes monkeys and ferrets.
by Auriel December 23, 2007
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