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Easily confused with a popular American biscuit. One who is mischievous and highly addicted to strip poker when pissed!
Auria's been drinking again, better get the cards ready!
by dannytheghost March 15, 2009
The other most beautiful woman on earth :)
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
a bitch mofo with a flappy who can't even fuckin talk right, and humps cats every chance he gets. He also pretends to masturbate at school, but when people talk about anal and erections he says "ewwwwww" like a homo and he doesn't know shit. He even thinks that tea bagging is pouring hot tea on someone elses sack. He also disses people for o reason. He is probably more of a dumb ass than george bush!
"you dumb-ass you're such an auria!"
by money October 25, 2004