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Improvised earplugs (or actual ear tampons!) made out of small wads of bungwipe or nasal tissue.
Most frequently used to help prevent an unwelcome ear whipping; can also be used to stem the tide of bright red blood from the ears when one has been exposed to very unpleasant sounds (like rap or metal to somebody who normally listens to adult contemporary, etc.)
{Hoolio}: Hey Husoos!!! What's with the Cleanax in your ears?
{Husoos}: Those are my aural tampons; some bungsnoipe was playing sludge metal music on this big-ass ghetto blaster on the bus I was just on, so I stuck those things in my ears to help stop the damn noise before some other rider beat the living tweedle out of the jerk who was blasting that nasty-azz "music"!

{Dominique}: Hey Hozay, what's with the wads of bungwipe in your ears?
{Hozay}: My ears started to bleed after I watched an R/C helicopter video on YouTube but I didn't know that there was going to be an Anthrax choon accompanying it, so I made me some aural tampons and stuffed those fuckers in my ears!
by Telephony May 20, 2013
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