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A Dance originated in Harlem NY. Is used in a dance movement called Da lite feet. The dancer puts their hands together like a clap and closes them to make a fist and bring their hands to their chest. Advanced dancers mix in their own flavor.
Harlem boy 1: This is my jam im about to get da lite feet going
Harlem boy 2:Word me too!! Aunt jackie wit it
by JulianS. June 25, 2007
Aunt jackie iz a dance made by the rapper JASON FOX. hez from harlem. he also made a mix to chicken noodle soup. yu clap yuur handz 2gether an put them over yuur left an right shoulder a lotta timezz. like yur bein cheered bcuzz yuu juss won sumthin. an do summ crazzi shyt wit yur feet to make it look kooler.

^ link to the official aunt jackie music video by jason fox.
by *•¤° tØny °¤•* July 19, 2007
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