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When you can remember all the audible sounds you heard. This includes quotes, lyrics, gossip and various parts of conversations that you can later use to impress/ use against your boyfriend/girlfriend. But usually boyfriends. Guys cant use this much cause for some reason they tend to forget things which they should remember and just appear to be dumbass-es.
Me: Wow you have ummm an audiographic memory?!
Her: Haina?
Me: I know right!
Her: Hanh na :P
by Haze-o-lus May 19, 2011
The ability to recite, mimic, or repeat sounds, music, gossip, lyrics, tunes, and other sensations captured through hearing, rather efficiently. The term audiographic memory is not an actual word. The correct terminology is Eidetic memory.

Basically you can hear things only once or twice, and you're able to repeat.

This is extremely helpful when arguing with someone, about something someone else said, or they had said prior to the argument.
You : "Mom said take out the garbage."

Sibling : "No, she said you had to!"

*Mom comes home*

Mom : "Why haven't you taken out the garbage!?"

You : "Told you."

audiographic memory

"Autographic memory"
by Leonidous February 25, 2012
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