(v) to urinate standing up, in a manner that if there were guests in your house, they would hear you. As defined by Ray Smuckles of Achewood.
Ray does not audiocast if people are over.
by Golfhaus February 15, 2007
Top Definition
To urinate while standing up. While it is considered the normal way to urinate if you are a man, standing up becomes an issue due to the noise the falling urine makes when it hits the water in the toilet. This noise may cause embarrassment if others are around, and the man may avoid this while at a significant other's house by sitting down to do his business.
Ray doesn't audiocast if company is over.
by Sax077 February 15, 2007
Urinating while standing up.
All men know not to audiocast, but few men answer the challenge.
by GulpyBlinkeyes February 16, 2007
To urinate standing up. Mostly applies to men, especially when company is over.
Ray does not audiocast when company is over.
by Mister Cliff February 15, 2007
Urinate standing up. References the sound make by this act
He does not audiocast if company is over.

All men know not to audiocast, yet few answer the challenge.
by Marty S February 15, 2007
When you pee standing up, the noisier of your options. Especially when you have company over do you want to avoid audiocasting, either by sitting down to urinate, or by turning on the bathroom sink.
There was awkward silence at the dinner party when someone in the bathroom commenced to a noisy audiocast.
by a.rich February 15, 2007
to urinate while standing up
"All men know not to audiocast while company is over, yet few answer to the challenge." - Achewood
by Greatwhite February 15, 2007
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