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A call of duty loving faggot; that has no friends but thinks he's the shit cause he has a plastic halo sword.
Dude get away you're such an aubrey! Shut the fuck up Aubrey! No one cares about what you did on xbox live last night!
by ilovetodancewithmyballs August 06, 2010
13 56
A whore who will cheat on you with your best friend
Man i was dating aubrey for 9 months then she cheated on me with my best friend
by Gman789 August 15, 2011
34 86
Aubreys are almost always backstabbing boyfriend stealers. They are pathetic, and like to wear other peoples clothes and never give them back. Aubreys are blonde. REALLY blonde. Usually, their Facebook passwords are something dumb, like "mormon1234." Aubreys are cheaters, in school work and in relationships. Aubreys usually have an un-classy fancy to swear.
"I went to a movie night and practically SAT on his lap!" is something an Aubrey would say.
by Your Old Friend101 February 27, 2011
6 66
a whore who likes to stock guys, especially when they are named justin and alex, and suck dick.
did you see aubrey hiding behind that wall.
yeah well alex is on the other side
by mr. chuckle November 12, 2010
16 80
lets seem aubrey aubrey aubrey, this girl i]'ve known since whu before pre-k. yezzurd, only person who i have NEVER absolutly NEVER had one argument, not even over a cookie !:D seriously i miss my babbehgurl. all my life i've been lookin for someone like her, and guess what i finally realized she was right in front of me this whole time. so back off our jock brreezzie, WHAT THE HEEZZIIE, you aint got no kneezie to come join our clubizzee ? ; cause you know hooow we doo itt !:D yup. bestfrend, cant deny. cause we are the peanut in the butter ?the j in the jellayyy. no0o0o absolutly no words can explain the love i have for my sister from a different mista, cause this is true frendship, and its better than even callin her a best frend forever. me personally? i call her my sister.
aubrey is the most AMAZING person you will ever mett. at 11:11 i wish i could chill with aubrey more :D
by michelle ;D November 24, 2007
75 195
a whore that has no life what so EVER!!!!!!and nobody likes her and she has nothing eles to do the harras people
"aubrey and ahsley parker and alyssa osborne and tori elam"
by just becasue February 13, 2010
31 172
To have a vibrating dildo shoved up your nose.
Yeah, he was tickin me off, he said i had sex with his girlfriend so i aubreyed him, then kicked him in the dick.
by Frankfurt the Magnificent January 11, 2010
85 264