Usually a really beautiful and smart girl. Mostly brunettes because they are bubbly and loud but blondes are the best Aubrey's because they're really quiet until you get to know them, but once you do, they will be one of your best friends. They're really out going and they have amazing personality.
• beautiful face
•kicker personality
Usually the girl In school who's popular and you'll find that he has a lot of friends.

Most guys want to have her but don't say it.most girls want to get to know her. She usually goes for sweet, hot, and athletic (football,baseball,basketball) guys who know how to treat a girl. Aubrey's are the most caring people you'll ever meet. They mostly put other peoples feelings over their own and that can lead to a lot of emotional problems. They care a lot about grades and their future. Once you are friends with an Aubrey, you'll know what I'm talking about.
aubreys really cute
I saw her first
She's one of my best friends
I wish I was friends with her
Should I ask her out?
She's so helpful
I really want to know her
by Swaggiot November 03, 2013
sexy.tall.beautiful. shes the popular girl that everyone eaither knows and loves or wants 2. ushally dates boys with brown hair and blue eyes. tends to have alot of friends and besties. the girl that everyguy wants but cant have. blonde aubreys are ushally very skinny and tend to be anorexic. if aubrey is brunete, she tends to be balimic. blonde aubreys go after guys named tanner and brunete ones like boys named david. aubrey is a natural beauty and gets any boy she wants. aubrey is very outgoing and enegetic/spirted. she knows what she wants and she gets it. aubrey's tend to do alot of sports expically cheerleading.
girl: wow that new girl is so pretty and perfect she must be an aubrey
boy:look at her ass it is hott!
other boy: too bad she's dating tanner
girl:i wish i looked like her
by sheluvsya June 02, 2010
A amazing, beautiful, loving, wonderful, caring, talented, and smart girl. She dates tall Hispanic guys with Brown hair and Blue eyes. She absolutely loves her boyfriend Jus like he loves her. She loves Gummy Worms too! ^.^ She is a beautiful girl and has to be loved by everyone. She means the world to her boyfriend and he wants her to know He LOVES her. She has a lot of friends she jus don't know it. She has haters but hell who doesn't? She's also a amazing kisser! She's got a great taste in music and is legit! ^.^
Boyfriend: Marry me!? ^.^

Aubrey: Yes!!! ^.^
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
the coolest kid ever. balling at everything he is the best in town. nothing's ever gonna keep him down. suck it yo. aubrey's the best.
I wish i was more like aubrey
by bigboy1000000001 December 13, 2010
Sexy, hansome, funny, caring, love to write poems, hates pop (music) .. he is amazing in every way and can bring a smile to anyones face :) he is probably the most amazing kisser in the world! i dont knwo what i could do without him, whenever i am down he makes me feel amazing <3 love you buddy forever! ooh yeah he makes me smirk too lol words cant describe him <3 all in all i love him with all my heart he has the sweetest afro in the galaxy!
Me: Woahh did you see that guy on that bmx??
Angie: Holy crap he is sexy!
Me: He looks like a aubrey!
Angie: i want a peice of that cake ;)
by mine1670 January 19, 2012
a little piece of shit with no fab and all flab and the complete opposite of a majestic fabulous unicorn
she is such an aubrey i hate her
by swaggyshadowhunter June 01, 2014
An Aubrey has amazing hair. With a lip ring. When your around an Aubrey her laugh is contagious. She may be way to nice at times and could learn to be a bit more bitchier. Has a daughter named Trinity and a best friend named Raymond. Wants to work tonight for her co worker Molly
Molly- Hey Aubrey want to work tonight?
Aubrey- Yes I will!!
by brews77777 September 04, 2010

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