used to accentuate a point
Look at that girl...attock
by James Morris September 05, 2003
Top Definition
Attock is the District City of the Province of North Westren Punjab. An historical city with rich cultural hertage.
Attock is an historical place.
by Muhammad Islam January 17, 2004
Mainly used anywhere... This popular word originated in VA. Used mainly as an expression for absolutely anything. Can be used in place of any phrase, word, or expression.
Instead of saying. man that new car is awesome, simply look at the car, and say "attock"
by William Henderson September 11, 2003
A popular way to accentuate a comment
Look at that girl over there...attock
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
A popular way to excentuate meaning behind a specific word or phrase.
Hey budy, did you see that girl over there...Attock, or
I sure do like Ice cream!...Attock
by D'Amico September 11, 2003
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