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Person who doesn't take well to criticism or jokes at their expense.
Look at that little bitch he's being such an Attila.
by Bloodyears October 18, 2015
Hes A Sexy beast With Flameing Green Eyes like a dragon
tall but short but sexy lil man
by Bob January 06, 2005
when you hit a parked car
if those kids attila my car im gonna kick their ass
by brian December 15, 2003
A Great Hard Core, Emo Band. That Has Alot Of Music About Drugs, Sex, Violence, Yet Very Tastefull Music. I Guess You Could Say "Emo" "Scene" People Would Listen To Them. They Are An Amazing Band With Great Songs. Give A Listen. ?!
by JackiePeaceLove April 05, 2010
See shitweasel

Also known as a dumbass who hits cars.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
An awesome emo-ish skater but not smart at all but get ok grades because he cheats an hates fat chicks
man look at that attila he's cool

but look at him dis that fat chick ewww

also known as the dumbass who hits stuff like cars
by xxawingxx May 12, 2009
A (shitty) death-core band. They have released 4 albums (Fallacy, Soundtrack To A Party, Rage, Outlawed) each getting progressively worse and worse. Other than Fallacy, the last 3 albums sound exactly the same. Every song is about getting high, hangovers, getting drunk, and girls. Imagine Hollywood Undead trying to play deathcore, and that's pretty much Attila. Fronz (vocals) often scream-raps, something that should be left to brokeNCYDE, before they go into a weak breakdown. He has to have his voice, especially lows, layered over 100,000,000,000 times by Joey Sturgis just to sound descent. Live, he is fat and constantly out of breath. The drums are boring, the guitar sounds the same in every song, and the bassist actually has good structure, but is extremely uncreative. They are soon going to release a new, even worse album called "About That Life", but Fronz says "If it doesn't get huge, I'm giving up on this shit. Ha. No, but seriously" Let's hope it doesn't sell to many copies so they finally stop making music.
Q:Have you heard Attila's new album?

A:I can't tell which one was which other than you have to multiply the previous number of scream layering by 10 each new album, so if it was the one with 1,000 layers, yes, I have.
by Joeloboe May 11, 2013

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