See Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a stupid motherfucking attention whore. James Hetfield should go shoot down that dumb bitch
by METALLICA RULES!!!!!!!!!! October 28, 2010
A person who's lack of intelligence, motivation, and self-respect has led them to chase after attention ( both positive and negative) in order to satisfy their personal emotions from which their lackluster livelihoods have yet to provide to them.
"Have you seen all of the sluts trying to friend everyone on facebook? They even do it to people they probably don't know."

"They're probably just attention whores. Leave them alone and they will eventually find another outlet, hopefully a more 'POSITIVE' outlet".
by Limwook April 22, 2012
a attention whore is someone who acts sad or something to get attention,look at your facebook timeline,its full of them
*somebody posts on facebook*
'You broke my heart,I'm so sad right now,I don't know what to do anymore' what an attention whore
by ashleybenss October 18, 2011
Some one who will do anything and everything to get attention
"so all that shit was to get a guy"
"what an attention-whore"

Lupe is such an attention-whore look at her all over that guy after she was just with the other guy.
by Ayamie September 17, 2011
As most of her scene counterparts she is a terrible attention whore who has nothing better to do with her time.But she is still a whore, Go troll the fuck out of her Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, and any other sites that she is on!!
OMGLIK3IT$@RI@M0RPH!N3: She is suck a Attention Whore that she scares me to even talk to her
by Just another person12 September 01, 2010
someone online (usually female) who does or says anything to gain attention. also talks to an insane amount of people at one time and will forget who they are talking to and what they are talking about regularly.
It took rima 10 minutes to answer me back because she is talking to 20 people that damn attention whore.
by souleater May 26, 2004
Someone(typically a girl) who only does something (or pretends to do something) to look cool and/or ft in
Attention whore-*doesn't even know what rum is*"I drink SO much"
*is a virgin with a slut reputation that she gave herself* "I've had so many one night stands this month!"
*can't even light a lighter*"I smoke SO MUCH IM HIGH LIKE ALL DAY #420"
Boy-"You're so fake! you're such an attention whore!"
Attention whore*suicide has never been a thought in her mind* "oMG dont say things like that to me i cut myself because of people like you!"
by BeautifulGmess November 22, 2015

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