A person who will do everything/anything to get attention. This is used as a negative comment.
Lisa yelling: "OMG! I just won it..."

Justin whispering to Pete: "Geeh.. she's such an attentionwhore... always craving for attention.."

Lisa: "Justin, Pete! Look what I won by just walking into the shop!"
by Libidinous265 February 01, 2011
An individual who must be the center of attention.
Tom always makes the issue center around him. He is such an attention whore when he enters a room.
by "John" Jack Cutone January 05, 2009
A person who carries out extreme acts in order to get attention. Commonly goes by the alibi of "Natasha", "Skylar", or the lesser-known "Ivoma Salmon".
Person 1: "Did you see what Natasha did, that attention whore."

Person 2: "Oh, you mean Ivoma Salmon?"

Person 3: "I thought her name was Skylar?"

Person 1: "No, her name is Natasha but sometimes she goes by fake names so people don't catch on to her attention whore ways."
by wuttaslut242 October 19, 2009
Some stupid ugly 14 year old bitch online who thinks people want to hear about her insignificant problems.
Unfortunately, most guys will give in to attention whores in hopes of sexing her.
by Webster March 06, 2004
An attention whore is many times a young woman in her early twenties who frequents the bars on a regular basis. This type of person will generally break up with his/her significant other for some mundane reason because of the need to flirt and sleep with random people. An attention whore is loud, dresses slutty, loves to lie, and will use her friends to gain more attention for herself.
Katie Anderson broke up with her boyfriend for the upteenth time and told all her girlfriends it was time for a girls night out. She then proceeded to talk very loudly in the circle of girls while making slut eyes at any man who would look her way making her the attention whore of the night.
by NTKM85 March 08, 2011
See Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a stupid motherfucking attention whore. James Hetfield should go shoot down that dumb bitch
by METALLICA RULES!!!!!!!!!! October 28, 2010
a attention whore is someone who acts sad or something to get attention,look at your facebook timeline,its full of them
*somebody posts on facebook*
'You broke my heart,I'm so sad right now,I don't know what to do anymore' what an attention whore
by ashleybenss October 18, 2011

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