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aka Man Collector-, a woman who accumulates a lot of male friends in order to be constantly showered with attention and admiration. No man is off limits to an attention whore, including boyfriends and spouses of her own friends. The attention whore will make up inane reasons to text, call or have a conversation with a man that she feels is not giving her the attention she feels she should have and will escalate this behavior if this attention is going to another woman, even a man’s own girlfriend or spouse. She will not ask for anything, however, she will moan and complain about something until a man offers to help or give her what she wants. However, there is no way any of these men would ever make it beyond the friend stage or ever engage in sexual activity with this woman. The attention whore’s own boyfriend or spouse is usually the one man who is immune to her charms and attention seeking behavior. The attention whore does not have many female friends, either due to her actions towards their signifigant others, or because she feels that they take attention from her, although she will claim she doesn’t understand why.
The attention whore wears high heels to a football game so men will help her up and down the bleachers.
by Iknowwhatyoureupto November 05, 2011
Someone who screams attention through many discrete means at the expense of others.

1)Text Message - The attention whore message is delivered to someone that is currently dating or was dating. Alternatively, they are half assed friendships that they can’t seem to shelve because they are attention whores.
Their text would be a message of curiosity commonly inquiring what you are doing but ultimately is a sad form of attention to see how much interest is still there. The clear distinction between honest inquiries is follow through. “Let’s meet up some time” OK!. Also, the text has a tendency to end abruptly because you have already satisfied their needs of whoredom. This can be devastating to some or a bit of an annoyance to others depending on how much you give a shit.
*WARNING: Apathy breeds more texts. Attention whores sense they are losing you and will continue to text until you back in the vicious cycle of random texts or you drop them completely.
2) Taco Shop -“Let’s go home and get naked!” Attention whores are notorious for making random remarks to see if their male counterpart will actually come home and touch a boob or two when in actuality the man gets no play at all. The attention whore passes out snoring and regrets whole thing via text the next day. A.W - “Did we kiss?” Apathetic Man – “No, I just placed it in the butt”
3) Party Scene – “You know out of all the people I met in San Diego, you’re my favorite. We should hang out more” This attention whore maneuver is a classic bear trap. They reel you in with what you thought was a candid moment. They provide plethora of compliments and flirty actions only for them to ignore your call later and precedes a two day later text about how they missed your message.
*Complimenting these actions with an actual “date” is a recipe for disaster.
by snoopaloop92109 December 07, 2010
an attention whore is a loser that will go to any means nesscary to have the spotlight on them and them only. an attention whore can not stand to not be the center of attention at all times,and hate when the spotlight is on anyone other than themselves.
marilyn is such an attention whore she wore a playboy bunny outfit to the party, even though she is 400 pounds.when another slim girl shows to the party in the same bunny outfit and looked better ,marilyn was such an attention whore she pretended to fall and hurt herself as an attempt to upstage, or keep the thunder she feels is being stolen...
by DOLFACEQUEEN February 27, 2009
Someone who will go to excessive links to draw anykind of attention on them. Usally tends to be someone of the "loser" crowd. A classic example is someone who will say something dumb puposly to look stupid hoping that people will be thinking" What the fuck!? That guy is a dumb ass." Another example is someone who will stop at nothing to get themselves hurt on purpose hoping that people will be watching.Things to do if you see one is give them no attention at all.
Attention whore* Makes self pass out and bust his head on desk.
Me"Damn that mother fucker is an attention whore.".
by mookie mcbigcock September 10, 2010
An irritable little bitch that decides to randomly flip out over little things. They would say almost anything to get attention including random shit that haven't even crossed their non-existent hallow head before, including random capitalized letter like "NWEKLRHWL:ERJWERWER" with the "ZOMGS" and the oh-so-cunning spellings of "WONNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?"

Note: It is impossible to shut them up.
I thought I had a good friend, turned out she was just a pmsing attention whore.
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
Someone who craves attention. Attention whores usually don't care if they get made fun of, because they think that they are getting more attention if people are insulting them. By the time most attention whores leave high school, they finally realize that nobody ever cared about them.
This retarded canadian kid in my school is an attention whore. Everyone in my school makes fun of how fucking stupid he is and how he'll end up cleaning shit out of outhouses, but he is happy because he's getting attention. By the time he starts cleaning the stale shit out of his first assigned outhouse, he'll finally realize that nobody ever gave a shit about him. Hopefully, he won't have kids, or mankind's gene pool may be further poisoned by attention whores and/or failures.
by I hate attention whores... October 19, 2009
A girl or boy (mostly girl) that craves attention so bad that they'll go to the largest extent to get it..
They'll find anything or anyplace full of people that will give them the attention they want because they just can't stand not being the center of attention..
They feel that the world revolves around them and they think everyone else should know..
One of the main places you can find attention whores are at places where they're the only sex in a certain place..
Only idiots and scum don't realize their true being..
Halo Online

Attention Whore: Hey guys!!!! I suck at Halo!! Can you help me??
Halo Nerds: Oh shit!! A girl!! Aw man.. I think I'm getting a woody.. Yeah, Baby, we'll help ya!! Maybe we can party up after!!
Attention Whore: Yay!! You guys are the awesomest!! By the way, I'm a super hott cheerleader!!
Halo Ners: NO WAY!!
by You Will Never Know =] August 17, 2009