A female who begs for attention and is upset when she does not get it. Most people hate them. Can be found on the internet
I am an attention whore
by DizzyLizzy January 18, 2007
A person who competes for attention, or does/says things soley to recieve attention. Often these things are stupid, obnoxious or unbelievable.
Ignore her, she's just an attention whore.
by kwoodruff October 31, 2005
A person who is constantly looking for attention that he/she can never get in real life. It's also possible that this person has a really crappy life and proceeds to hide it and pretend that he/she's above the people he makes fun of. It is the sole reason why this person constantly screams about his opinion on the internet, looking up videos a bout things he hate and then leaving links to his/her own crappy videos just to get views. This person will also go through great lengths to try and find people that agree with them in hopes of finally getting the sense of belonging somewhere.
An example of an online attention whore would be this guy : alexsavov2 or his alter ego : oldsaviboy

This person is the epitome of attention whores. He constantly goes to every Frozen related posts just to scream that he hates and then proceeds to leave links to his videos about him screaming how he hates Frozen. Sometimes you even see him on videos that have nothing to do with Frozen and then this guy brings it up out of nowhere and then proceeds to scream some more of how much he hates like we get it! Shut up about this damn movie it's been two years! Move on, you're acting no better than the immature Frozen fanboys/fangirls.
by Excorcist225 October 08, 2015
A girl, pretty or not, who absolutely loves attention. Usually even loved by people, esp. boys, because she's "hot", "fun" and has a "wild personality" as she describes herself. Loved because she can be unusually nice, loud, funny, and cute. Posts stupid blogs advertising herself how unique and lucky she is, and situations in her life. Is a virgin and acts like a total slut to get attention and admiration from ANY boy, and she's so desperate to find Mr. Right and have sex when she's only fuckin 15. And she's disappointed that she's so "hot" and she got to this 'old' age and she hasnt had sex yet!?!? omg!!!! She admits she wants sex and all the dirty stuff just for the attention and in hope of winning a guys heart.. more like winning his dick. I mean COME ON. Anyway she tries to gain as much friends as possible, online and in life, and she uses stupid little 'moments' she had with those people to get aquainted with them and then get to know them like some kind of creeper randomly messaging them and getting into their life. But it doesn't seem that creepy, cause once again, her 'charm' is working on them. Likes to stick her nose in other people's business and thinks she's good enough friends with them, but they're not backlashing at her because they're too nice, and she never gets the idea that she's a nosy little bitch. Really 'lives her life to the fullest' cause she's acting like a fuckin slut to attract guys, esp. the stupider guys who fall for crap like girls' asses and slutty-ness. She can love every guy, but she's always scared and intimidated by them to approach them and talk in person, esp. older guys, so she uses myspace or crap like that. (omg they're JUST GUYS dammit) Once again most guys fall for her. Uses people, even really good friends, for connections to other people they're interested in. Likes to steal friends from friends like a bitch-ass shit. Sometimes breaks guys hearts cause they're not 'Mr. Right'. Not the awesome and smart girl you think she is. Just a stupid attention whore.

That girl (let's call her Rebeckah) is my friend and she seems so amazing to everyone though if you look closer and think deeper she's just a huge attention whore.
by hayyythere:) July 15, 2008
Attention Whore is somone Who love attention so much they crave it every day.
"Omd That bitch Dyed hair hair pink. What an Attention Whore."
by Ch3y January 21, 2008
Someone (usually a rich, white slut) who will do anything to get people looking at them or talking about them.
teacher: Cindy, why didn't you hand in your paper yesterday?
teacher: I really don't think that's a good excu.....
attention whore: YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME! NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME! I HATE THE WORLD!**storms out of room crying**
me: fuckin attention whore.....
by 'sup P February 15, 2005
aka Man Collector-, a woman who accumulates a lot of male friends in order to be constantly showered with attention and admiration. No man is off limits to an attention whore, including boyfriends and spouses of her own friends. The attention whore will make up inane reasons to text, call or have a conversation with a man that she feels is not giving her the attention she feels she should have and will escalate this behavior if this attention is going to another woman, even a man’s own girlfriend or spouse. She will not ask for anything, however, she will moan and complain about something until a man offers to help or give her what she wants. However, there is no way any of these men would ever make it beyond the friend stage or ever engage in sexual activity with this woman. The attention whore’s own boyfriend or spouse is usually the one man who is immune to her charms and attention seeking behavior. The attention whore does not have many female friends, either due to her actions towards their signifigant others, or because she feels that they take attention from her, although she will claim she doesn’t understand why.
The attention whore wears high heels to a football game so men will help her up and down the bleachers.
by Iknowwhatyoureupto November 05, 2011
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