Any female that can't help but draw attention to themselves. They will do this through any means necessary
Look at that bitch flashing everyone. She's such an attention whore
by sumgy1 May 12, 2009
A person, usually female, who tends to: dress excessively provocatively (i.e., high heels and cleavage to the upper abdomen for a 2 year old's birthday party); keep eye contact with her female audience (her "competition") to a bare minumum, flickering the occasional glance only to verify she still has their attention, while standing toe to toe with a loud open mouth with any male who does not step back; raises her voice and speaks over others to either a) ensure that input into a conversation by any other females is not noticed or b) make sure no one forgets she is in the vicinity; constantly reapplies makeup/lipgloss in public; cannot stop talking about her clothing size/weight; loves being the only female to "show up" on an all-guys night out or trip and bragging about some happening in detail to each man's wife afterward; ends a visit/conversation only when someone else actually has something to say or starts to yawn.
His wife is an attention whore and I loathe her.
by SouthernBelle92 February 02, 2006
That one person in class who annoys the hell out of everyone just to get attention and be noticed.
"Ugh! This asshole is so freaking annoying!"

"Tell me about it. He's just an Attention Whore."
by -Gamma- September 24, 2014
A person that needs attention from every single person it encounters. It'll post Facebook statuses of every good and/or bad thing that happens in their life.
That bitch is such an attention whore, you could read her whole biography on her Facebook.
by Ripper jack June 25, 2014
Someone who craves attention all the fucking time
Wow you know who's an attention whore?
Well not Kasia for sure
Yeah you're right, it's definitely Andy.
by russianjokes666 February 19, 2014
A person who seeks attention from anyone and everyone, but truly never cares about anyone else. They will ignore friends when new friends give them attention. They are overly nice when they first meet someone and over share their drama to gain attention. If someone sees through their deception, and doesn't like them, the attention whore plays the victim. Eventually they hurt everyone and they end up alone.
Who shares such personal issues the very minute they meet someone? An attention whore, that's who.
by Stickin to bein me December 21, 2013
Someone who lets everyone know they are a model.....

When if fact they just pay to get professional pictures taken of them.
"Makenna keeps saying how she can't be ugly because she is a model. Doesn't everyone know that she pays to get those photos taken and photoshopped....What an attention whore!"
by thatguysaidit November 04, 2013

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