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A person who seeks attention from anyone and everyone, but truly never cares about anyone else. They will ignore friends when new friends give them attention. They are overly nice when they first meet someone and over share their drama to gain attention. If someone sees through their deception, and doesn't like them, the attention whore plays the victim. Eventually they hurt everyone and they end up alone.
Who shares such personal issues the very minute they meet someone? An attention whore, that's who.
by Stickin to bein me December 21, 2013
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Someone who lets everyone know they are a model.....

When if fact they just pay to get professional pictures taken of them.
"Makenna keeps saying how she can't be ugly because she is a model. Doesn't everyone know that she pays to get those photos taken and photoshopped....What an attention whore!"
by thatguysaidit November 04, 2013
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A person who does retarded things for attention, she eats tampons, eats shit, says retarded shit, just to make people look at her. She post constantly on all social networking sites, and says crap about herself that no one cares about but she still manages to get a whole bunch of negative attention from people and positive attention from other Attention whores.
Guy 1: YOOOO you see that girl that keeps posting Lms and eats her own tampon?

Guy: YEAHHH BRO she's an attention whore
by aduujhsghsfuysy February 02, 2013
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a stupid bitch who is so pitiful he/she has to do things to cause drama and/or draw attention to themself
Sabrina is such an attention whore. She started a dumbass rumor for no reason.
by boobies38D January 23, 2012
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Any female that can't help but draw attention to themselves. They will do this through any means necessary
Look at that bitch flashing everyone. She's such an attention whore
by sumgy1 May 12, 2009
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1.someone who wants constant attention because they think they are so special and deserve it. there natural habitat is online or any given reality show

2.someone who tries to post there name as a definition in urban dictionary
1.god, Brittany is such an attention whore

2.editor: "hmm, whoever this Brittany Springfield is, she seems like a massive attention whore
by themanyouwisyouwere November 22, 2011
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a person who will do anything to get attention
Don't be such an attention whore. We will get to your story soon.
by The Return of Light Joker April 07, 2010
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